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Although their name might suggest a unified front, the tribes of Hulks known as the Gamma Horde are unified very loosely by their shared history in the time before The Maestro, as well as their time as his personal army. In the wake of The Maestro's death, the Horde has once again splintered into their original tribes, each led by a Warlord. The most powerful Warlord, Skaar, now ostensibly acts as the de-facto leader of the Horde, but has yet been able to fill the power vacuum left by The Maestro and regularly struggles with rebellion.[1]

The Hulks of the Gamma Horse are among the most misunderstood of all Battleworld denizens. Regarded by the more "refined" Houses as an unruly mob of barbarians, the Horde have built a surprisingly complex society in their radioactive homeland, the Green Desert. The Hulks of the Horde's rich history and diverse tribes are reflected in the breadth of their clothing and weapons – animal bones, leathers, military and industrial junk, and detailed war paint are all common materials for Hulks.[1]


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Once, the Hulks of the Gamma Horde began as a single unified tribe during a period widely understood to be their most prosperous. Each faction was an irreplaceable finger in the clenched "Fist of the Horde" At war, they were unstoppable. The Horde raided far beyond the Green Desert – with some raids reaching as far as Birnin Damisa in the south. While these tales of unchallenged conquest are almost certainly exaggerated by the Gamma Horde, archaeological evidence seemingly supports their claims. A few hundred years before The Maestro subjugated the Horde, that legendary unified strength was shattered in what is known as "The Fist and the Fingers". The details of the Fist and the Fingers are rarely spoken of. Any Hulk who can remember that time is either dead or unwilling to indulge questions. Whatever the specifics, as a result The Fist of the Horde was unclenched to form an open hand.[1]

Skaar now attempts to consolidate his power among the Hulks of the Horde; the Red Hulks of the east, the Tribal Hulks from the north, the Berserkers from the west, and more still bicker and fight about the Horde's role in a world without The Maestro. Of all the Houses of Battleworld, the Horde has been perhaps the most affected by his death, and they have a long road to travel before The Fist of the Horde can be clenched once more.

The house stole Vibranium from Wakanda to make weapons.[2]



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