Gan-Torr was a Beast-Man of Brutheim, the subterranean city in the Land of Always-Light, under Aesgaard[1] and Vanaheim.[2] He was known among his kind as "the Giant One", was presumably part of the Brutorian Guard, and was known to eve strike out on his own.

In Aesgaard, he crossed path with young Conan of Cimmeria, and rushed upon him. The two briefly fought (watched from afar by Moira, the human handmaid and favorite of King Gha-Kree). Underestimating the barbarian, Gan-Torr was slain by Conan, only to be lured moments later by Moira and captured by Zha-Gorr and another Beast-Man of the Brutorian Guard.[1]



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