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The Gardeners are creatures created by the Builders to help them shape the universe. A Gardener is always accompained by an Abyss, who is in charge of judging his/her work. An Aleph carries the eggs of a Gardener and an Abyss until it finds a suitable enviroment to let them create life.[1] After the creation of a new universal structure and the misterious death of almost all the Abysses, the Builders recalled all the Gardeners and forbidden them from harvesting worlds, and the Gardeners were relegated to being servants to those who created them.[2]

But Somehow, one Gardener wasn't called, and along with the last of the Abysses and an Aleph continued creating life, and his actions to try to make Earth sentient caused the Builders to catalogue that planet as a failure in need to be destroyed. In the process, the Builders conquered and destroyed numerous planets.[3] A resistence composed by the Galactic Council and the Avengers managed to oppose the Builders, who still had the odds in their favor.

Resentful for how the Builders had downgraded them, the Gardeners helped their brother Ex Nihilo to wake up Captain Universe, and turn the tide of the conflict to favor the Avengers.[4]

After the defeat of the Builders and Alephs, the Gardeners returned to their work of growing life in worlds.[5]

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