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Gardner Monroe, alias Flashback, was one of the original members of Beta Flight, but when Department H went under he was recruited by Delphine Courtney into Omega Flight. During their first attack on James MacDonald Hudson, Flashback used his "future selves" to pull Hudson down by projecting them into the air near him in a cluster, since none of the Omegans could fly.[1]

When Omega Flight was re-formed, to destroy Alpha Flight, one of Flashback's future selves was killed by a robot created by Madison Jeffries. The robot was meant to destroy Courtney, but the android had pulled one of Flashback's future men in front of her at the last minute. Flashback went into shock at the loss of one of his future selves. Since all of his "future men" are him from some point in his future, he knew that he was soon to die.[2]

Flashback later disappeared from his prison cell. He attempted to avoid any activity as his costumed persona to elude his death. When it seemed his return to the point of his death was inevitable, he enlisted the aid of Alpha Flight. Through a series of temporal adventures, Alpha Flight was able to prevent Flashback's death.[1]

Powers and Abilities


Temporal Duplication: Flashback is a living temporal anomaly. He can bring future versions of himself into the present. When he did so, the future versions wore a differently colored, negative version of his costume.

Physical Strength

Normal human strength

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