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Gargantos was an eldritch entity summoned and controlled by the Scarlet Witch using the Darkhold, and was sent to capture America Chavez. Gargantos pursued her to the New York of Earth-199999, where its rampage drew the attention of Doctor Strange and Wong. Doctor Strange and Wong rescued America and battled the creature until Strange was able to impale Gargantos through the eye, killing him.[1]



Demonic Physiology: Gargantos is an eldritch entity capable of levitation, and possesses a viscous black substance for blood. Its tentacles are covered in orange sigils in the shape of eyes, which pulsate with orange light.

  • Superhuman Strength: Gargantos was able to pick up and crush a bus using its tentacles, then throw the vehicle at Doctor Strange.
  • Healing Factor: Gargantos was capable of regenerating a tentacle severed by Doctor Strange in a matter of seconds.
  • Invisibility: Gargantos is usually invisible to humans, with its true form only being revealed by the Eye of Agamotto.



Gargantos uses its tentacles to grab, crush, and strike at opponents.


  • This version of Gargantos was inspired by Shuma-Gorath, but Marvel Studios cannot legally use that name due to it having originated in Robert E. Howard's 1967 short story The Curse of the Golden Skull, and thus being owned by Heroic Signatures. Rather than negotiate with Heroic Signatures to license the name Shuma-Gorath, Disney opted to call the MCU adaptation Gargantos instead.[2]

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