The monstrous Hel-hound[1] Garm was the son of Garmr, the "HELLhound".[3]

It guards the entrance to Hel, the Asgardian realm of the dead. It lives in Gnipa Cave.[citation needed]

On the day of Ragnarök, Garm will join the Frost Giants in their fight against the Asgardians. The god of war Tyr will kill the creature in this cataclysmic battle but will die from the wounds inflicted by the hound.[citation needed]

When Loki invaded Hel during the Fear he set his Hel Wolf upon Garm to distract her. This proved to be unnecessary. Eventually, they ceased fighting and mated; Garm gave birth to a litter of seven pups, whom Hela delivered to Loki.[4]

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