Garnok Rebbahn is a mass murderer. His people know only conquest and war. When he crashed on the world of the peaceful Elowan they worshiped him as one of their ancient gods. When he got bored with them he convinced them to kill themselves by eating the petals of the Vijing plant. The entire population killed themselves to amuse Garnok. When the Silver Surfer discovered their deaths he confronted Garnok and killed him.[1]

Later Silver Surfer had a hallucination of Garnok where Garnok took Silver Surfer to a vast graveyard. Garnok informed the Silver Surfer that he was a hypocrite for condemning him for the slaughter of an entire world when under the yoke of Galactus the Silver Surfer had helped Galactus snuff out the populations of countless worlds. [1]

The encounter troubled the Silver Surfer greatly when he realized that before the vision he had never felt any guilt towards his work as herald of Galactus. The Silver Surfer later confronts Galactus about the vision and discovers that Galactus tampered with the Silver Surfer's personality to keep him amenable to Galactus's slaughter. Silver Surfer asks to be restored to his proper self and begins to feel the full weight of his crimes.[2]

The Silver Surfer later was infected with a virus from the Collector and began to hallucinate that he was in the land of the dead where he encountered Garnok. Garnok explained to the Silver Surfer that he had to go and make peace with the dark side of his personality. After the Silver Surfer battles the dark side of his personality and accepts him Garnok explains that reconciling the good part of his psyche (represented by Captain Marvel) with the dark side of his psyche means little. That only in Silver Surfer putting the work into recreating himself into the person that he wants to be is the way to silence his inner demons.[3]

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