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During the 6th Century, the fortress that eventually became known as Garrett Castle was owned by Sir Percy of Scandia, who served King Arthur of Camelot as the Black Knight. Percy was interred with the Ebony Blade in a tomb deep inside the castle, after he was murdered by Modred.[3]

The castle was inherited by Black Knight (Nathan Garrett) and stayed in his possession until his death. Garrett also owned a second Garrett Castle located in the America which he converted to match its English counterpart.

After his uncle's death, the castle was then inherited by Black Knight (Dane Whitman) and was used as his base of operations in England.



The exact location of Garrett Castle is unknown. Marvel Super-Heroes #17 states it is "not distant" from London, while Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe #2 says it is on the outskirts of Stroud, about a hundred miles from London. The castle is depicted as the site of the Battle of Camlann in which Arthur and Mordred were killed; suggested locations for Camlann range from Camelford in Cornwall to the fort of Camboglanna on Hadrian's Wall.

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