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Mr. Brownstone was a renowned heroin dealer, and a massively manipulative sadist. While movie star Hunter Todd was calling him one night, Spider-Man and the Black Cat broke into Todd's loft, and he suddenly began overdosing, along with Tiffany Cummings. Mr. Brownstone then talked by phone to Spider-Man, confirming that they were experiencing massive overdoses and would be dead within moments, since he gave them large enough doses to insure they wouldn't be able to impart any more information to him.[1]

When the Black Cat came to his apartment intending to arrest Klum, he manifested his own mutant abilities. Using them, Garrison teleported heroin right into her bloodstream, depriving a chance to escape. After telling Felicia about his life as a Hollywood drug dealer, Klum attempted to rape her. He was stopped and killed by his own brother Francis, who had wanted to have revenge on him for his abuse during childhood.[2]

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Teleporter: Mister Brownstone can teleport small amounts of material over a distance. He uses this ability to deliver drugs directly into his customer's system, avoiding telltale signs such as needle marks.

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