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Garth Simenon and several other terminally ill transients were transformed by Zail Haddad's body shop into cyborgs designed for removing toxic waste. In an accident that left Garth even more disfigured and 2 dozen of his colleagues dead Garth's mutant power to raise the dead was activated. Blaming Zail for the deaths of his friends Graverobber amassed an army of zombie cyborgs to help him in his cause and they raided Zail's New Jersey processing plant and found the corpses of several mutants Zail had been preserving for experiments. These mutants were reanimated and joined Garth (now known as Graverobber) as the Undead.

Later Zail discovering his daughter Cerebra had gained a position of authority in Doom's Halo City chose to go there to request asylum. Graverobber reanimated dead X-Man Serpentina and together he and the Undead went to Halo City to get their revenge on Zail. Skullfire was murdered and reanimated as a member of the Undead for a time. Eventually, tricked Graverobber into accepting Zail Haddad as a hostage exchange while Haddad was rigged with a neural bomb. Graverobber was KO'ed, which left all the people he reanimated dead once more with the exception of Skullfire whose powers brought him back to life. Morphine Somers intended to turn Simenon over to Herod to bargain freedom for himself and Halo City, but Doom shot down the airship to Herod before it reached the Chicago Reserve. Graverobber possibly died in the crash.[1]

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Ability to resurrect the dead into zombies under his control.

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