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Garthan Saal was one of the sole survivors of Nebula's decimation of Xandar. Garthan became the recipient of almost the entire Nova Corps' powers and was driven mad with grief and power. The Avengers encountered Garthan Saal in the guise of Super Nova. He believed that the Avengers were complicit in Nebula's crimes, because Nebula was briefly a member of their team. Unknown to Garthan this was actually Ravonna disguised as Nebula. The Avengers convinced Super Nova to search the timestream for Nebula.[1]

Some time later Richard Rider regained his powers as Nova. He had originally given up his powers to help Xandar when they had previously been decimated by the Skrulls. Super Nova went to confront Nova and drained him of all his energy. At that point the entire power of Xandar was contained with Super Nova who took Richard to Xandar to reboot the Xandarian Worldmind. Nova came into possession into the entirety of Xandar's power and used it to reboot the World Mind. With Xandar resurrected the past populace was cloned.[2]

Super Nova was given the power of a standard Nova Centurion and served ably by Queen Adora's side for a few months.[3] Eventually Nova was stripped of his duty and power by Adora and Garthan Saal became Nova Omega and the Nova assigned to Earth.[4][5]

Saal was seemingly killed sacrificing his life to stop the Dire Wraith Queen Volx,[6] but has seemingly popped up alive without explanation once since then.[7]


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  • Flight, Super Strength/Durability, Energy projection/absorption



Garthan Saal had a Xandarian star ship until he destroyed it.[8]

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