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Gary Akres

Gary Akres was a radio and television broadcaster who was active in the 1950s. He developed the criminal identity of the Jet, using an asbestos lined suit and jet pack and began amassing criminals from all over the country. With his criminal army gathered, he then intended to use his access to broadcast equipment on the Empire State Building to take over all television and radio transmissions to send out a false alarm that New York City was going to be attacked by atomic bombs launched by communist nations. In the ensuing panic, he was to have his men sabotage the city's electrical, gas and water utilities to foment more chaos. While the citizens were in chaos he then intended to have his men loot the entire city. To start his campaign of terror, Akers used his position as a television and radio personality to try and turn the public against the Human Torch and Toro, telling the listening public that he thought that they were freaks and menaces.[1]

However this plan never came into full fruition when the Human Torch and Toro began investigating the sudden influx and disappearance of criminals who were arriving in New York City. They connected the gangs to Bobby Macklin, the son of ailing police special agent Jake Macklin whom was reported being seen with shady characters. Spotting Bobby being led away form his home by a group of thugs, the Torch and Toro traced them to an underground subway tunnel that the Jet used as his base of operations. The Torch and Toro confronted the Jet, but the villain managed to escape when he opened a gas valve forcing the two heroes to flame off in order to avoid a massive explosion.[1]

They were informed of the Jet's plot by Bobby and followed after him, only to be trapped in an air tight room by the Jet. Freed by Bobby and some maintenance workers, the two heroes tracked the Jet to a radio studio at the Empire State Building and saw Gary Akres giving the false warning. Realizing that Akres was really the Jet, the Torch followed after him, leaving Toro to tell the listening audience that his warning was all a hoax. Changing into the Jet, Akres tried to battle the Torch with a flame thrower, putting too much faith in his asbestos lined suit for protection. This proved to be his undoing as the Torch instead ignited the gas in his jet pack causing an explosion that sent the Jet's flaming corpse crashing to the ground.[1]


The Jet's rocket pack was not shielded in any way, making it vulnerable to damage, especially by super hot flames.


The Jet wore a specially made flight suit that was lined with asbestos to protect him from fire. It also apparently had a breathing apparatus similar to the oxygen masks worn by fighter pilots. The Jet also wore a jet pack which allowed him to fly as high as 1,454 feet in the air (the height of the Empire State Building), however the breathing apparatus suggests that the jetpack could take him higher.


The Jet carried a flame thrower.

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