Gary Cody was assigned to help James Hudson help set up Department H as an organization designed to recruit and train super-beings. Once Department H was off the ground, he acted at the liaison between the government and the Department. He served in that position until Department H lost its funding. Cody floated through the government, maintaining a position as the "official unofficial Alpha liaison." He finally found a role again when Heather Hudson, James' widow, started Alpha Flight up again. He became their official liaison again, but now he was also tasked with covertly reporting on their activities.[1]

This new Alpha was less controlled and controllable than the previous. Cody used his security clearance and knowledge of their systems to steal a vast amount of information from their computer, Alphanex.[2] With that information, he released Bedlam in an attempt to create a super-human that the government could control. However, he didn't realize how evil Bedlam would be, as Bedlam, upon being freed, promptly rendered Cody seemingly brain-dead.[3]

Gary Cody would later enter politics, becoming the leader of the Unity Party. He attempted to use his connections with Alpha Flight to have their support and endorsement but won the election even without them.[4] After being elected Prime Minister, the Unity Party quickly took control of many of Canada's key resources, including Vindicator (Heather McNeil).[5] Cody was revealed to be a puppet of the Master of the World who sought Canada's natural resources to build ships with which to defend the planet. The Master had a "unification process" that allowed him to control individuals. Under the Unity Party's control, Department H attempted to capture and convert Alpha Flight without success. Instead, they used prisoners and enemies of Alpha Flight to create Alpha Strike.[6]

When the Master of the World launched his spacecraft from its hiding place underneath Parliament Hill, the destruction it rained down resulted in the death of Prime Minister Cody.[7]

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