Gary Gaunt's human form

Gaunt was a famous criminologist who was active in the 1940's. By 1942, he had earned the ire of mobsters who decided to try to eliminate him. One night, while working on a new virus that turned rabbits into fierce fighters, Gaunt was called by mobster Leres the "Big Guy", who feared that he was going to be murdered by his competition. Even though he knew he was walking into a trap, Gaunt went to Leres' aid. After fighting off some thugs waiting outside his home, Gaunt was seriously injured when his car exploded.

Delirious with pain, Gaunt rushed back to his lab where he swallowed his new viral formula thinking it was a pain killer and passed out. The potion created a startling transformation in Gaunt, turning him into a criminally insane brute. Spotted leaving his home by his girlfriend Jean Carson who followed after Gaunt, unaware that who he really was. Catching Gaunt robbing a bank, she attempted to shoot him down but the transformed criminologist fled the scene. Gaunt went on a crime spree, while Jean -- accidentally leaving her purse at the scene of Gaunt's first crime and was a prime suspect -- went into hiding. When Gaunt returned to his home, Jean cowered in fear until the rising of the sun caused Gaunt to change back to normal.

Fearing that he might transform again the following night, Gaunt left his home with Jean to clear her name and try to find a cure for his condition.[1] His fate remains unrecorded.


After exposure to the virus of his own creation, it would appear that Gary Gaunt transforms at night time into a powerful form. This form is criminally insane and seeks to commit crimes and appears to have above average strength and might be bullet proof (an alternate Earth version was said to be half as strong as the Hulk. Maybe a little more).[2] Come the dawn, Gary transforms back to normal with only a vague recollection of what he did while in his alternate form.


When transformed, Gaunt uses a cane as an offensive weapon.

In Marvel Adventures Super Heroes #21, an alternate Earth Gary Gaunt explained his experiment with rabbits: "It weren't about the rabbits, son! It was about understanding rage and aggression". It is stated that his alter-ego was "Perhaps half as strong as the Hulk. Maybe a little more".

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