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Quote1 Hear the whisper of builders and shapers. Eaters and destroyers. And hunters. Quote2


Following the defeat of Shathra, Ezekiel warned Peter Parker of the coming of the Gatekeeper, a powerful entity who controls mystical forces. Ezekiel claimed that the Gatekeeper saw him as unworthy to be in possession of his powers since he received his powers by accident, and that he would kill him. Ezekiel asked Peter to return to Kwaku Anansi's temple in Ghana with him, but he refused.[1]

Later, a swarm of spiders attacked New York City. Spider-Man tried to save as many citizens as he could, but Ezekiel told him that the Gatekeeper had arrived to kill him and urged him to come with him. The spiders gathered to form the body of the Gatekeeper, who told Peter that bugs are important to the world and the spiders are the hunters of the bug-world. Spider-Man attempted to fight him but was outmatched. The Gatekeeper told Peter that he was chosen by mystical forces to receive spider-powers out of all the students in the demonstration, due to his anger over being bullied and inability to fight back, making him a natural hunter. Peter realized that contradicted what Ezekiel hed said, and the Gatekeeper revealed that Ezekiel was unworthy of his powers because he "stole" them. Ezekiel then abducted Spider-Man and took him to the temple in Ghana, telling him that he had to kill Peter because the Gatekeeper would only allow one of them to live. Ezekiel defeated Peter by drugging him with a syringe, chaining him to a column in the temple, and stabbing him with a knife to have his blood flow into the spider runes on the floor.[1]

The Gatekeeper manifested in the form of a giant spider monster to kill Peter as Ezekiel walked away. In a panic, Peter used his spider-sense to bond with Ezekiel's mind and show him his heroics. Ezekiel realized that he has wasted his life seeking wealth and Peter was the one worthy of his powers. Ezekiel then attacked the Gatekeeper to save Peter, and was killed. Later, a shaman named Miguel buried Ezekiel, telling Peter that Ezekiel was redeemed by saving him. Peter asked him if his powers came from science or magic, and Miguel told Peter that they came from both, that they co-exist, and that Peter was meant to have them.[2]



Living Hive and Entomopathy: The Gatekeeper can control vast swarms of spiders and use them to manifest a humanoid form.


  • The Gatekeeper is similar in appearance to Ero, though whether they were meant to be related is unknown. That the Gatekeeper manifests as a giant spider-monster and the Other as a humanoid swarm of spiders indicates that they may be, or that these are abilities common among Spider-Totems.
  • Despite being a totemic spider-deity, the Gatekeeper was neither seen nor mentioned in Spider-Verse, and has not appeared outside of the "Book of Ezekiel" arc.

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