Gateway became obsessed with absorbing all recorded human knowledge and holed himself up in a tower located in the ruins of the X-Men's ruined headquarters on Wundagore Mountain. He was under the protection of Carol Danvers.

When the Reavers damaged the navigational system on the Human High Council's command ship that was to lead a nuclear strike on Apocalypse's America, the council dispatched Weapon X (Logan) to convince Gateway to help teleport the armada to America. The Reavers attempted to prevent Weapon X and attempted to kill Gateway. However, Weapon X and Carol Danvers destroyed their attacker, although Carol seemingly sacrificed her life in doing so.[1]

Gateway initially refused to help, but after Carol's sacrifice he agreed to accompany Weapon X to Paris to hear what the Human High Council had to say. After seeing a holographic recreation of the cullings in America, Gateway was convinced to help the Council on their mission to destroy America. Along the way they once again met opposition from Donald Pierce and his Reavers. Even the added addition of a Carol Danvers to their ranks was not enough to stop the Council as Weapon X slayed them all. Gateway activated a massive portal to send the nuclear armada to America.[2]

Thirteen years later, when X-Force of Earth-616 crossed over to this world to get a Life Seed to stop Archangel ascension, Gateway was a prisoner of Weapon X. After he was freed he helped the the X-Men and X-Force in freeing Jean Grey from Weapon X who wanted to turn her in his horseman Death. He also opened a portal to Earth-616 for X-Force.[citation needed]

Gateway was confirmed to be dead by Prophet.[3]


Trans-Dimensional Gateways


Bullroarer, which helps him to create gateways.

  • Unlike his 616 counterpart, Gateway is very talkative.

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