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The Gateways were a type of Flowers that grew on Krakoa. They had the power to create portals between one another. The new mutant nation of Krakoa utilized them by planting one flower from a pair of twins at a specific location (such as an embassy) throughout the world, creating an instant pathway to its twin back on Krakoa. The Gateways were monitored and Krakoa allowed only the mutants to pass at will. Any non-mutants had to be accompanied by one as well as granted a specific permission.[3] Krakoa's leaders could temporarily modify the gateways to allow all visitors, such as for the Hellfire Gala.[4]

Known Krakoan Gateways

Mister Fantastic's map of Krakoan Gateways across the world

List of known Krakoan Gateways off of the main Krakoan Isle:


Entering a Krakoan Gateway allows mutants to learn Krakoan

  • Passing through a Krakoan Gateway allows mutants to immediately learn Krakoan.[35]

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