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The origins of he Gauntlet Armor isn't fully revealed. Doctor Doom speculated that the armor was either of Watcher or Prosilican origin.[1]

The Gauntlet Armor was worn by an alien being in combat with a second alien using the Tactigon. The complete Gauntlet armor is comprised of a full-body suit and a sword. The two aliens came into conflict above Earth's atmosphere and seemingly killed each other. The Gauntlet armor broke apart, and the pieces scattered over the surface of the Earth. Two pieces, the right-hand gauntlet and sword, fell into a unnamed desert. Both the U.S. Army and the terrorist organization Hydra tracked the most powerful piece (the sword) as it fell and attempted to retrieve them simultaneously. Sgt. Joseph Green recovered both pieces for the U.S. Army, but was left with the gauntlet permanently bonded to his right arm.[2][3]

Sasha Martin acquired the left-hand gauntlet through unknown circumstances and used it for criminal purposes.[4] The leg portions of the armor were acquired by the fourth unnamed Grasshopper while the helmet was acquired by the mysterious Helmsman.[1]

The Gauntlet armor has been shown to be the most, and perhaps only, effective weapon against someone using the powerful Tactigon. The armor, in whole or in pieces, seemingly has an intelligence of its own. While Joseph Green was in a coma after being attacked by Slapstick,[5] the gauntlet used Green's body to retrieve the alien sword from storage and attack KIA, a deranged clone of MVP who had bonded with the Tactigon and was using it to destroy Camp Hammond. While under the physical control on the gauntlet, Joseph Green spoke an alien language. KIA used the Tactigon to wake Green from his coma, and the alien intelligence retreated, making Green a less effective combatant.[6] It is unknown whether the alien intelligence is diminished with the armor in several pieces, and whether the fully assembled armor could permanently control the wearer's mind.

During the Brotherhood of the Badoon's invasion of Earth, the Helmsman ordered his servant the Cormorant to retrieve the missing pieces of the armor, including the pieces belonging to Gauntlet, Grasshopper, and Southpaw. After retrieving the missing pieces, Cormorant went after current possessor of the Tactigon, Doctor Doom. Doom fought Cormorant but not to destroy him. Instead, Doom's used the Helmsman's telepathic link with Cormorant to find Helmsman's location. Doom then used magic to teleport Helmsman to his location and disintegrate Helmsman to grant Cormorant's freedom so he could aid him in stopping the Reckoning.[1]


The two gauntlets both display the ability to create hard light versions of the wearer's hand that possesses superior strength and durability.[7][8][9] Also, despite their great size, the two wearers have no trouble lifting them.[citation needed] The full powers of the rest of the armor pieces (helmet, torso, and legs) are unknown, though the full armor, with the sword, was shown generating a force field strong enough to deflect a direct energy blast from the Tactigon.[1]


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