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Gavrill Kinney, who prefers to go by "Speed Weasel," was cloned from Weapon Hex, a creation of the magic/science cult known as the Evolutionaries intended to become a vessel for the eldritch god Mephicthton. Afraid that Weapon Hex could lose her humanity, her co-creator and mother, Sarah Kinney created Gavrill in secret. The child's existence was only known to Sarah's handmaiden Bavel, who helped Sarah raise Gavrill in secrecy.

When Weapon Hex was eighteen years old, Herbert Wyndham decided to begin the preparations for the ritual to make Mephicthton possess her. Worrying for Laura's safety, Sarah tried to free her from the cult, but was killed. With her last breath, Sarah revealed Gavrill's existence and asked Laura to protect her.[2] Weapon Hex rampaged through the Evolutionaries' Keep until she stumbled into Gavrill's nursery. Bavel introduced them both and tried to get them to flee, but they were intercepted by Wyndham and Laura's handler Hellhound. Weapon Hex ordered Speed Weasel to disrupt the preparations of the ritual. After Hellhound defeated Weapon Hex and left her for dead, Wyndham decided to use Gavrill as the vessel instead. Laura returned and tried to rescue Gavrill, but Wyndham managed to continue the ritual and summon Mephicthton. Weapon Hex called upon the vengeful spirits of those that died because of Wyndham, and while they killed him, she attacked Mephicthton, severing its bond to Gavrill and breaking her free. Afterwards, the two sisters left the keep.[3]



Seemingly those of Gabrielle Kinney and those of Pietro Maximoff.


Seemingly those of Gabrielle Kinney and those of Pietro Maximoff.


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