Lady Gayle Edgerton is born into an affluent family in London. A rebellious teenager, she seeks her parents' attention with such stunts as starting a relationship with rocker Jonothon Starsmore. She eventually develops real feelings for him, however, and he becomes her first lover. Their relationship changes the night Jonothon becomes the mutant Chamber.[1]

Jonothon Starsmore (Earth-616) and Gayle Edgerton (Earth-616) from Weapon X Vol 2 16 001

Chamber accidentally hit Gayle leading her to be paralyzed.

At an uptown party, she and Jonothon snuck off to the jacket closet for some "fun". At that moment, his powers first manifested. Gayle tried to help him, but in the explosion that resulted from Chamber's powers' first manifestation, she was paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair.[2]

She awoke alone in the hospital, with no word from Jonathon. As time went on she grows angry, believing he had abandoned her. She was approached by the villainous Emplate, who granted her the ability to feed on mutant energy as he does.[3]

She became a part of Emplate's "Hellions", battling Generation X. She captured Chamber for Emplate, but the villain betrayed her and buried her with Jono. She then realized her mistake, and turned on Emplate. She lost her powers as a result, but reconciled with Jono.[4]


Marrow Vampire: Gayle feeds on mutant energy as Emplate does, apparently due to his influence.


Paralyzed: Chamber accidentally hit Gayle his powers leading her to be paralyzed and be confined with a wheel chair. Or so it seemed. After taking down Chamber for Emplate, Gayle stood and walked out of her chair. It's unclear from further dialogue whether Emplate somehow cured her when she transformed into a "marrow vampire", or if she had been faking for some period of time just to hurt Jono.

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