After the disaster known as the Black Event destroyed the city of Pittsburgh, Pit Bull led a group of looters who roamed the disaster site. They came into contact with the female members of the DP7 when they were searching for their friend Mutator. Pit Bull attacked the women, whose gunfire was unable to stop him, and they only managed to escape thanks to a combination of Lenore Fenzl's tranquilizing power and a grenade blast that knocked him out. [citation needed]

Pit Bull later came across the rest of the DP7, who were sheltering in a destroyed house's basement. Randy O'Brien's attempts to stop Pit Bull were in vain, and the injured Dave Landers was forced to fight him. Landers won, but only by breaking Pit Bull's jaw. Pit Bull and the DP7 were found by an army patrol, and Pit Bull and the other male paranormals were drafted into the army. [citation needed]

During basic training, Pit Bull bullied the unstable Harlan Mook, who tried to blow Pit Bull up using his parability, but Pit Bull was saved by the DP7's Jeff Walters. In gratitude, Pit Bull became a firm friend of Walters. [citation needed]

Pit Bull was one of a platoon of paranormal soldiers sent to fight in the subsequent war. [citation needed]

Powers and Abilities


Pit Bull is a paranormal, with superhuman strength, endurance and durability. He has proved able to resist gunshots, and even a grenade explosion at close quarters only knocked him out. His jaw muscles are also superhumanly strong, enabling him to bite with a great deal of force.


Pit Bull is an experienced fighter. He has also had army training, and is experienced in using firearms.

Physical Strength

Pit Bull possesses superhuman strength, enabling him to lift around ten tons.

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