Founded nearly a millennium before Conan's age by Kothian exile, Gazal was the birthplace of Lissa, who was taken back there by her lover, Amalric the Aquilonian. Amalric saved his girl from Ollam-Onga, the demon of the Red Tower, then fled the city immediately. Some time later, Conan came to Gazal on his way to Keshatta. The city was ruined, as its inhabitants were drinking tainted water which made them forget almost everything, so they fell prey, including Conan, to General Battuta's armed riders from Tombalku. The raiders pillaged the oasis for three days and three nights, even burning an old man alive, who was keeping some Kothian magical scrolls found in the Red Tower. The old man rose as a flaming cadaver and exploded into a final, blinding conflagration, setting the whole city ablaze while Conan eventually managed to ride away on his horse.[1]


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