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Geena is a human who was captured by the alien race known as the Badoon and sent to one of their labor camps for enslavement. After some time there she was rescued by the Guardians of the Galaxy, due to Guardians member Starkhawk's divination about the vital role she will play. [2]

Geena traveled with the Guardians to an undisclosed location called The Hideaway Parliament to meet with members of the council to discuss the situation about the temporal disruptions when they were ambushed by the Brotherhood's elite phase cadre. The Guardians fought back but the stormtroops were to strong, killing off Yondu, Martinex and Starkhawk as Major Victory held them off long enough for Charlie-27 to take Geena back to the ship in order to protect her.[citation needed]

But Geena and Charlie came across a creature called A-Sentience who obliterated them into nothing. Things went dark and something happened, Geena noticed a temporal shift that took them back thirty minutes earlier before they had made it to the meeting point.[1]





Galadorian Beamphaser, Badoon Blaster


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