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GenForm was a corrupt weapons manufacturer that intended to weaponize the Omega-Level Mutant Maddie. They tried to capture her when she mysteriously materialized in Battery Park, but crossed paths with Logan, who wanted to take her into the Xavier Institute for Mutant Education and Outreach.[3] Deadpool joined the pursuit, in order to rescue Maddie himself solely to spite Logan. While running away from Deadpool and Logan, Maddie accidentally walked into the arms of GenForm. She was captured and taken to their headquarters.[1]

Logan and Deadpool tracked them down, but GenForm subdued them while performing a test run of Maddie's powers, teleporting vehicles of incrementally bigger size on top of them until they were knocked out. While GenForm was conducting experiments on Logan, Deadpool managed to escape from captivity after Maddie teleported Logan's claws into his fists.[2] After returning his claws to Logan, Maddie and Deadpool proceeded to escape while Logan laid waste to GenForm's staff. Agent Hart attempted to excuse capturing Maddie, and disclosed Maddie's file to Logan, prompting him to switch sides. While Deadpool and Logan were fighting, Maddie used her powers to teleport GenForm's entire base to the sky.[4]

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