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The Other Place is a small family-owned diner in Brooklyn. Operated by a woman named Gena Landers, it was once one of Moon Knight's key meeting spots while operating under the guise of taxicab driver, Jake Lockley. Jake would frequently converse with Gena, her two teenage boys, Ricky and Ray, and a local ragamuffin named Crawley, often picking up key tips relating to local crimes.[1]

In later years, Gena discovered Lockley's dual identity as Moon Knight, and he brought the entire family into the fold as part of his street-level information network. This relationship changed dramatically however when Gena's youngest son, Ray, paid the ultimate price for associating with Moon Knight. Jake (under his true name, Marc Spector) attempted to mend bridges with Gena, but she has yet to forgive him for the death of her son.[2]



  • The Other Place is almost never referenced by its actual name. It is usually simply called "Gena's".

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