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Gene Bitner was born a mutant with augmented intelligence and the abilities to rearrange matter and to teleport.

In later 1956, Bitner was put under the hypnotic control of international terrorist Yellow Claw along with other mutants with similar powers. Yellow Claw then had these mutants pool their powers together to warp the very nature of reality in various American cities, creating prosperity in the country and chaos in the cities. This phenomenon was investigated by FBI agent Jimmy Woo who was led to Yellow Claw's hideout by the terrorist's own grand-niece Suwan. Jimmy clashed with Yellow Claw, Suwan struck a gong that freed Gene and the others from Yellow Claw's control. They reversed all the damage they caused and then teleported away.[1]

Gene, along with fellow Yellow Claw pawns Craig Farnsworth and Simon Lestron were later recruited by Tobias Messenger who was gathering mutants into a group he called the Promise. The Promise believed in a better tomorrow and fearing that the times were to see great persecution toward mutants, placed themselves into suspended animation in a secret underground complex. There each member of the Promise would only come out of suspended animation for a week at a time each decade to check in on the status of the world and recruit new members into the group. Gene along with the other members of the Promise came out of suspended animation in the modern age and attempted to recruit Lorna Dane, then a novice member of the X-Men into their ranks. When the reset of the team followed Lorna to recover her, the Promise worked together to defeat the X-Men and decided to make the Angel and Havok as they viewed them as the least tainted by their mentor Charles Xavier's vision.[2] However the Promise was determined to go into suspended animation for another decade in the hopes that the inevitable war between human and mutant is over by then.[3] While Havok, Lorna and Angel managed to escape being placed suspended animation,[4] Gene and the other members of the Presence remained in that state.

Powers and Abilities


  • Teleportation
  • Super Genius Intellect
  • Matter Transmutation: Bitner can rearrange matter.

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