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Quote1.png Yeah, apparently our Li'l Doomanatrix here saw the news reports about our new members...and was all upset that we didn't ask him back! So he broke into our HQ, killed Mr. Immortal...and then got his frustrations doing that to Squirrel Girl's pet. Quote2.png
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Leather Boy joining the Great Lakes Avengers

Gene Lorrene was one of the few individuals to respond to Mr. Immortal's classified ad searching for other costumed superheroes. Searching for S&M fetish group and misreading the ad, Gene joined the Great Lakes Avengers as Leather Boy. However, when the team discovered that Leather Boy didn't have any powers, they asked him to leave.[2][3]

Leather Boy (in his Doctor Doom inspired leather outfit) murdering Monkey Joe

Nearly five years later,[3] a mad Scarlet Witch destroyed the Avengers, leaving the G.L.A. as the only Avengers. To bluster their roster, Flatman and Doorman launched a recruiting drive. Although they spoke to several heroes, they were only able to recruit Squirrel Girl and her partner Monkey Joe.[4] Seeing the news reports about Squirrel Girl joining the G.L.A., Leather Boy became furious that he was not asked to rejoin the team. In a rage, Leather Boy broke into the G.L.A.'s headquarters and murdered both Mr. Immortal and Monkey Joe.[5] Finding Leather Boy and the damage he had done, Big Bertha apprehended him until the others arrived. On the way to confront Maelstrom, the team dropped Leather Boy off with the police.[1] Leather Boy appears to not have been arrested for long as he later designed the leather X-Men style costumes for the G.L.A. when they became the Great Lakes X-Men.[3] However, Leather Boy was eventually recaptured for the murder of Monkey Joe by Deadpool.[6]

Leather Boy attacking Tippy-Toe

During a Halloween party costume contest M.C.'d by Squirrel Girl, Leather Boy, still thirsty for revenge, tried to kill Squirrel Girl's new partner Tippy-Toe. Fortunately, Deadpool was also in attendance and saved Tippy. Deadpool then left Leather Boy tied up in a tree to be attacked by squirrels.[7]

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  • Although he is into leather, bondage, and S&M, Leather Boy is not gay.[1]


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