Possessed of vast wealth, the General ran a criminal empire in New York City, training his young son to join his cause, but disappointed at what the General saw as constant failures.[3] Disappointed when his son became a modern day Robin Hood calling himself the Operative[4], he at some point made a deal with Olympian goddess Nox for great power, based on an ancient ring located in Turkey.[5] To keep Nox happy, he was forced to make regular blood sacrifices. Among these was his son, Dennis' then-girlfriend Alice Starr, whose death he then attempted to frame Dennis for, setting his son and vigilante Revenant against him.[5]

After destroying all but one resident of Dark Willow, West Virginia (and gaining an enemy in the survivor, Rupert Kingsley) and failing to get the Amulet of Achilles from archaeologist Lewis Green (but inadvertently empowering the archaeologist as the mystical Achilles), the General turned to Nox, restored by the sacrifice in Dark Willow, who gave him a bracelet[6] granting the General enhanced powers in the form of lycanthropy, turning him in Lysseus, which he used against his son and his son's allies while working to gain Nox more power by kidnapping the son of Charles Lindbergh and making the world believed the boy had been killed.[2]

While his enemies gathered their forces to oppose him, the General and Nox made a new ally in the German Baron Zemo, and made to sacrifice a group of children in the Empire State Building as part of a power-gaining ritual. When his son and his allies arrived, the General became a werewolf once again, taking on his son one-on-one before his son borrowed the sword of Achilles and decapitated him.[3]

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