General Fang was a Communist soldier native to Asia. He commanded his own army, and had developed a reputation for ruthlessness.

General Fang led his soldiers to the peaceful principality of Llhasa, to conquer it for his Communist regime. Llhasa's distress call was received in America by Dr. Bruce Banner, who journeyed with Rick Jones to Llhasa as the Hulk to oppose Fang.

Disguising himself as "the abominable snowman", the Hulk played off the superstitions of Fang's soldiers. Fang, however, did not believe in the legends of the Yeti, and set a trap for the Hulk, using a 3-D projection of a dragon. When the Hulk leapt at the dragon, he fell into an electronically-charged cage designed to contain him. But as Fang continued with his conquest of Llhasa, Rick Jones short-circuited his equipment, setting the Hulk free. The Hulk leapt after Fang's missiles, and caught them in his hands. Fang then ordered his cavalry to continue the invasion, but the Hulk used the missiles he caught to create a massive canyon between them and Llhasa. Finally, Fang sent in his para-troops, but the Hulk created a massive windstorm, blowing them away. His plans of invasion thwarted, General Fang attempted to flee, but the Hulk plugged up a geyser, causing the ground beneath Fang to explode! The Hulk caught Fang and brought him to the island of Formosa, where American soldiers were stationed. When last seen, General Fang was fleeing for his life[1].


None, human.


General Fang wields conventional handguns.

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