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Also known as the Green Bear due to his war time record,[1] General Karadick was regarded by Doctor Doom as the top military mind in Latveria.

When he decided to abdicate the throne of the country, Doom left General Karadick in charge, who had agreed to transition Latveria into a free state; however, months following Doom's departure, Latveria had fallen into a military regime, and became a warn-torn nation in distress.

Now under the alias of Iron Man, Doom was surprised by the state of Latveria when he visited the country for personal matters. Iron Man confronted and berated General Karadick for Latveria's state, and ordered him to find a professor named Angela Kror, whom Doom had determined would be an excellent chancellor to Karadick, and could help put together a proper government structure so he could then relinquish control of the streets to the people.[2]

When S.H.I.E.L.D. took advantage of the attack of one of their agents, The Thing, at the hands of Cynthia von Doom to take action on Latveria, General Karadick was arrested.[3]

Through unrevealed means, Karadick returned to Latveria to lead its army, welcoming Lucia von Bardas when she returned with the objective of elevating the nation.[4] He later attempted to assist von Bardas when she was attacked by Ironheart.[1] However, as soon as Ironheart defeated von Bardas and declared herself monarch of Latveria, Karadick decided to recognize her new authority.

General Karadick welcomed S.H.I.E.L.D. when Commander Sharon Carter travelled to Latveria to meet up with Ironheart, and even defended the young hero when Carter raised her voice. Ironheart would later abdicate, leaving room for Latveria to hold its first free elections.[5]

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