General Kreigkopf was a very dangerous man whose military survive predated the Vietnam War[1]. He was stated to be 'aggressive, ruthless, tactically brilliant and tipped for the very, very top[1]. During his military service he rewarded his men by allowing them to rape and pillage, deployed an untested nerve agent in an urban area and used half a company of Iraqi prisoners as bayonet practice[1]. None of these acts could be proved and as he knew where the bodies were buried he went unpunished up until he crippled a nineteen year old lance corporal in front of a C.N.N. camera crew, after which he left the country presumably with the C.I.A's help for whom he had done work for[1]. He then set himself up on Grand Nixon Island and became its leader, recruiting former soldiers, killers and psychopaths to work for him and keeping the island safe from any military strike due to no one wanting the secrets he knew to get out.[1]

The General came into possession of the body of the Russian who he had rebuilt and resurrected using stolen S.H.I.E.L.D. tech and got him to agree to join up after allowing him to go up against the Punisher who had previously killed him,[2] he got the okay from President Bush to have the Russian operate in New York City[3]. This didn't go quite how he had hoped and Castle made his way to G.N.I and began to slaughter the inhabitants as he hunted down the General for sending the Russian after him[4].

The General had believed his men or the Russian would be able to kill Castle but Castle won out against them and stopped the General from dropping a stolen French nuclear bomb on Brussels to destabilise Europe, and insure no one made a move against him and to attract new business opportunities. Castle shot the General and then dropped the bomb on G.N.I, vaporising all the inhabitants including the General.[3]

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