General Nikki was a member of the Imperial Japanese army who was active during World War II. In 1943, he had sent a number of his agents to steal a shrink ray device that was invented by Professor Livingston. The night of the attack, the spies were opposed by Private Steve Rogers and James Barnes who were close friends of Livingston and secretly Captain America and Bucky. They failed to stop the spies from stealing the device and murdering Livingston.

Six months later, the General had mastered control of the shrink ray and used it to shrink an entire Japanese invasion force down to size and carry it in a cylinder that was dubbed the "Cylinder of Death" and sought to smuggle it into the United States and launch a full out assault on American soil starting in California. This information was learned by a Russian spy named Olga who doubled as a nightclub dancer in the States. She put a message in the newspaper to contact Captain America, prompting Rogers and Barnes to investigate.

The two heroes learned of the Cylinder of Death (but not of its actual contents) and went to Black Rock Cove to stop General Nikki and his men from landing on the beach. The two heroes were outnumbered and knocked out and taken to the spies secret hideout. There, they broke free and learned of the contents of the cylinder while Japanese agents were using it to restore the army to its original size. Captain America and Bucky fought off some of the growing tanks and jets, causing a massive fire that caused an explosion that destroyed the shrink ray.

General Nikki mobilized those forces that were restored to their original size and led them to a nearby dam to destroy it. Captain America and Bucky got the assistance of a nearby Air Force base to mount a counter attack. The invaders were decimated by American forces and clashing with Captain America atop the dam, General Nikki was thrown to his death.[1]


General Nikki briefly utilized a size-changing ray created by Professor Livingston. The device could shrink beings and equipment to a smaller size and at least reverse the process. The actual limitations of shrinking and growing the device could achieve is unexplored.

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