General Suki was a member of the Imperial Japanese Navy during World War II. In the fall of 1944, he plotted an attack on the United States from a naval base located on Kobe Island. When he sent instructions to Japanese spies imprisoned in an American concentration camp, the military was tipped off and sent the Human Torch and Toro to destroy the naval base.

Arriving on the base, the Torch and Toro were captured by Suki's men and brought before him. Suki had them bound to a device that sprayed them with ice cold water that threatened to stop their circulation and left them to die while he led the invasion fleet. The Torch and Toro managed to break free from the trap and attacked Suki's command ship, disabling it. They then reignited the volcano on Kobe Island causing a massive volcanic eruption that flooded the base with lava and killed Suki and his men.[1]


Suki had a device that sprayed those chained to it with icy water that cut off their circulation after a prolonged period of time.


Suki commanded an entire fleet of Japanese battleships.

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