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Quote1.png Hope. Heh. My throat slid out of my head and danced like an eel before me. I gulped like a fish left on dry land until I swallowed it back in. That was how it started...and now you tell me it's going to be okay? It's not going to be okay. Nothing's going to be okay. Let me show you. You think there's light? You think there's hope? There is only one light. One light which makes all else darkness. The final light. I'll show you...I am the final light. Quote2.png
Kenji Uedo

Appearing in "The Future is a Four-Letter Word (Part 1)"

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Synopsis for "The Future is a Four-Letter Word (Part 1)"

In Tokyo, Japan, a man enters the home of Kenji Uedo, asking if his newest work has been completed.0 But Kenji, apparently having gone mad, lashes out with tentacles.

Meanwhile, as the Blackbird approaches Tokyo, Idie contemplates her powers and how she, and the other Lights are different. Hope then directs her to the magnificent sight of Tokyo. The moment is then spoiled, as Laurie begins swearing at the top of her lungs at Teon for urinating on her feet. Though Rogue is unable to order her to be quiet, Hope has better luck, as everyone listens to her.

On the ground, Kenji notices Cyclops and Wolverine approaching, as he lashes out with techno-organic tentacles. They even strike at the incoming Blackbird, though Gabriels, fast speed pulls them to the roof. Rogue then copies her powers to get Idie and Hope off the plane, as Teon instinctively leaps at the tentacles. Once they are safe, Hope opts that they get close enough so that she could touch Kenji and stabilize him. However, Rogue reminds her that they should first let Cyclops handle this. Hope disobeys and order Teon to restrain Rogue, as she and Gabriel advance towards the tentacles. But before she could do so, the tentacles recoils and retreat back into the building. Hope and Gabriel goes inside his home to investigate. The former finds him first, and tries to soothe him, promising to make everything better. But a pessimistic Kenji doesn't believe her and lashes at her with his tentacles, declaring himself the Final Light. And as if to punctuate it, a portion of Tokyo is enveloped in a black dome.

Solicit Synopsis

Spinning directly out of UNCANNY X-MEN comes the most important new X-Book in years—GENERATION HOPE! When Hope Summers returned from the future she triggered the rebirth of the mutant gene. Five lights appeared on Cerebra and five mutants’ powers came to life, but their activations have been chaotic and dangerous, nearly killing each of them. It was only the touch of Hope that saved their lives. With Rogue and the four new mutants who were gathered in UNCANNY X-MEN, Hope heads to Japan to join Cyclops, Wolverine and the fifth light. But will this new light be a hero or a villain? Only KIERONGILLEN (THOR) and SALVA ESPIN (SAVAGE SHE-HULK) know!


  • Also includes "The Saga of Hope", detailing to the events leading to Hope's birth and her history to this point written by Mike O'Sullivan.

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