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Quote1.png I-- I don't know who you are, but I'm sorry. You weren't supposed to be here. I only meant to do this to them. Quote2.png
Sebastian Shaw

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The Lights do a training exercise against the other X-Men. But then Zero violently attacks Magneto, who tears him apart in self-defense. As Zero pulls himself back together, his attempts at retaliation are stopped by Hope. Cyclops then declares the exercise over and advises taking Zero to medical, only for Hope to shout that his team needs self-control.

As Velocidad asks if anyone still likes his bear, Hope notices that Primal is missing. Indeed, he wants to mate with the Stepford Cuckoos and they are disgusted by what they find in his mind. As Hope goes to retrieve him, Zero is introduced to Martha Johanssen by Surge, who explains that her friend is a brain in a jar who can only communicate telepathically.

As Hope restrains Primal, she spots another Light on Cerebra. The Cuckoos insist that it's not her concern, Hope reminds them that her job is to save mutant before their powers go out of control, as she incapacitates one of the Cuckoos. She then tells the Lights to move out. However, Zero decides to bring Martha along.

Pixie brings them to Pakistan. Though Transonic says they can't just walk into a warzone, Hope states they have a mutant to save. They then split up and search a nearby town, Martha using her telepathy to mask their presence. They then find their mutants, but he opens his coat to reveal a bomb, which goes off.

Solicit Synopsis


NEW CREATIVE TEAM! Hope and what is left of her five lights travel to China to find their latest recruit. Wait, is that X-Villain SEBASTIAN SHAW? James Asmus (UNCANNY X-MEN ANNUAL) and Ibraim Roberson (UNCANNY X-MEN) take the reins of the most-talked about new X-Book.

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