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Quote1.png I...I have fantasies of killing people. I stand on the subway platform and stare at the back in front of me. Imagining how one push could turn a man into a bad Pollock pastiche. I read Mirbeau and nod along, de Sade and see a mirror. I unmake the world with my art...but it is art. It is fantasy. It is not reality. It is about reality. Yet...Tokyo burns and bodies grow cold. I did it. Help me. It can't happen again. Quote2.png
Kenji Uedo

Appearing in "The Future is a Four-Letter Word (Part 4)"

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Synopsis for "The Future is a Four-Letter Word (Part 4)"

Hope has passed out trying to stabilize Kenji Uedo. The Lights then return to Utopia. As everyone disembarks, Wolverine and Teon get into a fight.

As Kenji regains consciousness, Cyclops and Emma show him recordings of his rampage before Hope stopped him. Horrified, Kenji pleads the X-Men not to let that happen to him again before demonstrating that despite the loss of his hands, his flesh can be molded to any shape he desires.

Outside, Wolverine and Teon's fight sends them tumbling into San Francisco Bay. Upon getting on dry land, Teon has got a fish in his mouth.

In the lab, Doctor Nemesis does an evaluation of each of the Lights' abilities: Laurie can fly at transonic speeds; Idie can control temperatures, enabling her to display both pyrokinesis and hydrokinesis; Teon is simply relying on his primal instincts; and Gabriel can only accelerate through time, not run fast like Quicksilver. After failing to run over water, Gabriel gives Nemesis a swift beating for condescending him.

Later, Cyclops informs the Lights that they can choose whether to stay on Utopia and master their powers. They all choose to stay. As they are shown to their rooms, Hope has a private talk with Gabriel. She then kisses him. But as Kenji get into the shower, he attacks the shower with his flesh, which then squirts out an ink-like substance as he writes, "No hope no lights no future" on the wall.

Solicit Synopsis

Dust settles over the rubble of Tokyo. What emerges, for better or worse, will define the next generation of mutantkind. PLUS, as the survivors return to Utopia, there is a reckoning between Wolverine and Teon. One way or the other, it's another unforgettable issue of Generation Hope.

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