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Quote1.png We're the team. And the mission we've been training for hasn't changed. Quote2.png
Hope Summers

Appearing in "The Ward (Part 1)"

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Synopsis for "The Ward (Part 1)"

Cyclops requests for Kitty to be the new liaison between himself and Hope's team, because Rogue is occupied enough as it is and because Kitty is the best of all the X-Men.

As all the Lights are training or occupied with casual activities, Cerebra detects a sixth mutant in Berlin, which all the Lights sense. Once they arrive, Hope dispatches both Gabriel and Laurie to head into the hospital where the mutant is, they both fall down as if asleep. Teon retrieves both of them. Kenji then sticks his own mutable tentacles into each of his teammates except Teon to protect them from whatever is inside. Once inside, Teon creates a hole in the ceiling to help them get to the next floor, which Kenji creates fleshly stairs for. But as they ascend, they unaware that the unconscious people on the ground floor are starting to get up. They soon find out that the sixth Light is in his mother's womb and has caused everyone in the hospital to act like zombies, who come charging at the Lights.

Solicit Synopsis

“THE WARD,” Part 1 of 3 THIS STORY WILL BE TALKED ABOUT FOR YEARS! A new light pings into existence on Cerebra. A new mutant life is out there. A new mutant life needing Generation Hope’s help, before his nascent power consumes him. Can the newest team of mutants in the world save this newest mutant? If you miss this, you only have yourself to blame.


  • Although Teon's surname has previously been given as "Savko"[1], this issue introduces him as Teon Macik.
  • Doctor Nemesis and Storm discover that Laurie's body becomes apparently liquid when exposed to extremely high wind speeds.
  • It's revealed that Teon has some kind of telepathic shields, as demonstrated by his immunity to the Sixth Light's powers and as mentioned by Kitty from Emma's previous attempts.
  • Kenji reveals that he can shield himself from some forms of telepathy, and he can extend this abilities to others with touch.

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