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Quote1.png What's the plural of that? Judases? That's a terrible-sounding word. For something that's not exactly the worst idea in the world, anyway. There's got to be something better. Quote2.png

Appearing in "The Ward (Part 3)"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

Other Characters:

  • Unnamed judge
  • Unnamed witness (Main story and flashback)
  • Unnamed lawyer
  • Judas (Mentioned)

Races and Species:




Synopsis for "The Ward (Part 3)"

Hope and Dr. Kavita Rao are testing out Teon's cognitive abilities with simple math and childish games to collect evidence for the upcoming trial concerning Teon's legal custody. But being simple, Teon can't figure it out, until Hope shakes a chocolate bar. But in a later discussion with Cyclops and Evangeline Whedon, who is Teon's lawyer, all what they've proven is that Hope and Teon are perceived as master and pet. Hope, flaring up Cyclops' optic blasts with her mimicry, snaps that Teon has come out for the better sticking with her. Cyclops reminds her that this is all legal process and asks her to leave.

Outside, Hope tells the other Lights that they need codenames. Gabriel decides to call himself Velocidad, even though he can only move through time, not with speed; Gabriel defends that he wants to sound awesome. Kenji is unenthusiastic, before choosing Zero, which translates into Rei in Japanese from an old anime. Gabriel decides to call Teon Primal, to sound more fearsome in battle. Hope calls Laurie Transonic but Idie wants to call herself Oya, after the Yoruba goddess of fire and magic.

The day of the trial arrives, Hope notices that Kenji is missing. When she enters his room, he reacts by destroying a painting of her, claiming that it just wasn't right.

At the court in San Francisco, the Maciks relate how Teon's mutation manifested. Their lawyer then lists how Teon went from simple instinct to a mating desire as he stow aboard aircrafts and causes sexual harassment and assaults in Miami. Evangeline counters that he may be implying that Teon has stopped these acts since joining the X-Men. Mrs. Macik makes an impassionate plea, stating that the X-Men shouldn't be the ones to decide Teon's future and insists that his family be the ones to care for him. Teon then decides to take the stand, speaking in complete sentences and explains that he's happy being simply instinctive and feels for his parents' loss. The court ultimately rules in his favour and Teon says goodbye to his parents.

On the steps of the courthouse, Laurie and Kenji discuss whether Teon was really truthful about being happy. Kenji then changes the subject, commenting that it is unlike him to paint pictures of pretty girls. Laurie admits that she went into a war zone unprepared. Kenji then states that one codename was he considering earlier to spit at Hope was Judas.

Solicit Synopsis

THE TRIAL OF PRIMAL! Generation Hope’s resident wild man is on trial and the X-Men may lose custody. Can they get him free? Should they? Will they have a chance before he challenges the judge to a fight to the death? You have never read a comic like this one before!


  • Finally after months of cover art and promotionals depicting her hair in different styles, Idie finally changed her hair from tight braided style into an afro.
  • Zero, Kenji's codename, translates to Rei in Japanese, referencing the character from Neon Genesis Evangelion.

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