Quote1 We have to be better. Quote2
-- Hope Summers

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  • unnamed girl
  • Luke
  • paramedics
  • Mr. Uedo (Mentioned)
  • Mrs. Uedo (Mentioned)




Synopsis for "Better"

Hope and Velocidad find Phoebe Cuckoo sitting at Cerebra alone, trying to keep her company. Phoebe tells them through her telepathy, she is never alone, for she sees thing through her sisters' eyes. As they decide to excuse themselves, Velocidad asks Hope why they came down to Cerebra anyway. Hope admits that she knows that a new Light will turn up. Velocidad asks if they can make out while wait. Hope gives a flat "No."

In the UK, University of Sheffield, three students are in the middle of discussing their sexual fantasies or taking a dare. A Caucasian, Luke, then admits that he wants to make love to a mutant if he was one. The third guy, Zeeshan, says that being a mutant isn't exactly cool, considering how Cyclop's mutation accidentally killed his family. But just as he desired to take a dare, his skin starts melting, causing a Light to be detected on Cerebra. As the Lights rush to his rescue, Zeeshan grabs a knife and locks himself in the bathroom. The Lights arrive too late, as he had committed suicide. Kitty Pryde then comes down the ramp of the Blackbird and shows Luke the post he made of his friend's face. Hope gets angry and declares that they have to be better.

Four weeks later, Zero attempts to murder Luke in his sleep, only for Wolverine to stop him. He advises Zero to show mercy and leave Luke to live with his guilt. Wolverine then takes Zero out for a drink.

Solicit Synopsis

“OUT, OUT...” This is the X-Men comic that will have people talking for years! Some candles burn twice as bright and half as long. Some candles don't get a chance to burn at all. Generation Hope discover what happens when a light goes out.


  • Zee's story was directly inspired from the outbreak of very public gay suicide stories occurring in 2010.[2]


  • Kenji's age is revealed as nineteen.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks
  2. Generation Hope #9 Addresses Teenage Gay Suicide

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I don't think I've been this disappointed with a comic in quite some time.

Given the subject matter this was supposed to have been based on, and what it dealt with...I expected more. As is, I felt no connection to this character. He was there, and then he killed himself. That's it. There was nothing to make this character matter. There was no explanation for why he so quickly turned to suicide. The entire plot could have, and should have, been better. Should have had more depth, more explanation for who this guy was, and why we should care if he kills himself. So what if he's the newest mutant? That's not enough to make his death matter. So what if his friend teased him about being a mutant. That's not enough of an explanation for why he'd kill himself. This was just...a horrible presentation of otherwise good material. And kicking up the action towards the end doesn't make up for the lack of any REAL story. It just makes the situation SEEM doesn't make it matter. Nice art, but that's the only real saving grace.

I'd give this a 1 out of 5. I expected more from Gillen, whose work I've really come to like. If you want to see a mutant suicide story done right, go read New Mutants #45. Another done-in-one that deals with the same material, but actually takes the time to make you care about the character, and explain why he would turn to suicide, and why his death matters, beyond it being one more dead mutant. disappointed in this issue.

GrnMarvl14 02:08, July 22, 2011 (UTC)
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