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Magneto and his X-Men
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When Colossus refused to begin fighting against the forces of Apocalypse, Magneto convinced him to take up training a young generation of X-Men, a group called Generation Next[1]. Colossus and his wife Shadow Cat trained the youths in the use of their powers and how to survive in the hostile world they lived in.

In recent times, Magneto would locate Colossus's sister Illyana Rasputin who was a slave in the Portland Core. Magneto would charge Generation Next to recover her so that her latent time travel abilities to repair their damaged reality[2].

The team would split up into groups to infiltrate the Portland Core: Husk and Vincente would smuggle themselves in with Paige pretending to be a pleasure slave and tricking security chief Quietus into drinking Vincente, killing him. Paige and Vincente would then use their powers to pose as Quietus. Chamber and Skin would pose as workers. Mondo would use his powers to sneak into the facility secretly. While they were infiltrating the Core, Colossus and Shadow Cat would stand by as back-up while being given updates by Know-It-All[3].

The group would run afoul of Sugar Man, who would order "Quietus" to assassinate Chamber and Skin, while Mondo would manage to find Illyana and try to secret her away. With the situation growing harry, Colossus and Shadowcat would enter the facility to come to help their charges[4]. Generation Next's position would be exposed, and Sugar Man would slay, Mondo. Meanwhile, the other members of Generation Next would be swarmed by the Sugar Man's forces. Colossus would recover his sister and send her off with Shadow Cat. Seeing that Paige was the only member left, and she was overwhelmed by Sugar Man's forces, he would abandon her and her team[5].

Colossus and Shadow Cat would ultimately be slain as well, Shadow Cat in attempting to stop her rampaging husband and Colossus killed by Gambit[6]. Paige would survive her ordeals and be rescued by her siblings Amazon, Cannonball, and Icarus and would plot revenge against the X-Men. She and her siblings would be slain by Magneto and the X-Men for attempting to kill his wife Rogue and his son Charles[7].

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