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Emma Frost

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Synopsis for "Bodies in Motion"

From within the confines of Bastion Hollow, Bastion instructs his assistant, Daria, to scan surveillance footage from Logan International Airport. They discover evidence of the mutants known as Chamber and Empath. Bastion orders her to obtain as much information as possible concerning Chamber.

Back at the school, the members of Generation X are enjoying a barbeque out near the Bio-Sphere. Artie and Leech are playing near the waterfall while Jubilee horses around with Synch. Emma is attempting to enjoy a salad when she suddenly experiences a waking vision. The dream-realm entity known as Nightmare appears before her eyes and briefly taunts her, before disappearing altogether. Mondo comes over to console Emma, but she doesn't tell him about the psychic vision.

As day grows into evening, the Xavier Institute receives a strange visitor. Nathaniel Richards, has brought his grandson Franklin to stay with Generation X. He explains to Banshee that Franklin's parents were killed during the recent battle with Onslaught, and he felt that the school would be the best place for him. Despite a brief altercation between the two, Banshee pledges to do whatever he can for Franklin.

Franklin joins with Artie and Leech and they race off back to the tree house. When they arrive, they find a strange alien woman laying in the shadows of the trees. She beckons the children to aid her.

Meanwhile in California, Chamber and Skin continue to hitchhike down the highway. After several cars fly pass them, one of the vehicles stops to offer the two mutants a ride. The driver of the vehicle is none other than Howard the Duck.



  • On the cover of this issue, Chamber is holding a sign that reads, "Albakerkee". This is likely intended as a reference to Albuquerque, a city in the state of New Mexico. In the Looney Tunes animated sketches, it was not uncommon to see Bugs Bunny chomping on a carrot saying, "Looks like I shouldn't of made that wrong turn at Albuquerque" (or any variation thereof).
  • Chamber wears a fake beard in this issue to conceal his face (or rather, his absence of a face).
  • Artie Maddicks name is mis-spelled as Maddocks in this issue.
  • On page fourteen, a word balloon is pointing towards Artie, when it should have been pointing towards Leech. Artie cannot speak.
  • Artie and Leech are both seen wearing bathing caps despite the fact that neither of them have hair.
  • The creator credits for this issue are written as follows:
    • Scott "Loverboy" Lobdell
    • Chris "Backseat" Bachalo
    • Mark "Buckets of Love" Buckingham
    • Richard "Cool Daddy" Starkings and Comi-Craft
    • Steve Bucce-Whole Llato-Love
    • Masters of Love - Malibu
    • Bob "Love Machine" Harras

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