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Howard the Duck

Appearing in "To Live and Die and Molt in L.A."

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Synopsis for "To Live and Die and Molt in L.A."

The Beast arrives at the Massachusetts school to provide mid-term exams to all of the Generation X students. Jubilee doodles all over her test sheet, M spaces out, Mondo falls asleep and Penance shreds her paper with her razor-sharp skin.

Meanwhile in L.A., Howard the Duck has picked up Chamber and Skin hitchhiking across the country. They stop at a bar to get some drinks, and the bartender informs them that their establishment does not serve ducks. Violence ensues, and Howard is forced to rely upon his martial arts training in Quack-Fu to avoid injury. Chamber unleashes his mutant powers and begins questioning the bar patrons about someone named Tores. To everyone’s surprise, Tores is actually a sultry young woman with a green stripe tattooed across her right eye. She enters the bar and begins asking questions.

While Chamber and Howard deal with Tores, Skin sneaks away from the bar. He disguises himself as an old man and goes to the cemetery to visit his own grave. There, he meets his mother and manages to console without letting on that he is in fact her son.

Back at the Massachusetts school, the Beast continues to administer final exams. He takes special notice of the fact that M is in a complete daze. Further, she is slicing her test sheet into ribbons and building a paper house of it. Beast deduces that M is actually autistic.


  • This issue is dedicated to the memory of Mark Gruenwald, who passed away on August 12th, 1996.
  • When M is later revealed to be the St. Croix Twins, it's revealed that one of them is autistic, and responsible for M's autistic spells.


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