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Quote1.png Of course I'm a threat. Why? Did you think for a moment that I wasn't? Quote2.png
Emma Frost

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Synopsis for "For All This...We Give Thanks"

It is two days before Thanksgiving and Banshee is thinking about his daughter, Theresa. He reflects upon the fact that he was never there for her growing up, and that his evil brother, Black Tom Cassidy took charge of raising the young girl. His guilt over Theresa is what makes him such a committed instructor to his new "children" of Generation X.

Meanwhile, Paige takes Chamber back to the Guthrie farm in Cumberland County, Kentucky to celebrate Thanksgiving. When they arrive however, they find that the farmhouse is deserted. Jono is not at all surprised by this, and believes that they deliberately left so they wouldn’t have to look at his physical deformity. Paige and he go through some of her old keepsakes, and she finds a family photo of her mother and father. Jono continues to brood over the fact that he could never be the type of boyfriend Paige deserves. Paige grows angry with him, claiming that he has no right to challenge her emotions. She likes him for who he is, not some fanciful delusion of what she believes a relationship should be. Jono apologizes, but the mood is ruined. While Paige sits on the front steps of the farmhouse, he walks off into the distance.

Back in Massachusetts, Banshee has arranged to take M to a specialist to analyze her autism. However, he now finds that she doesn’t want to go and flies off into the distance. He easily catches up with her and tries to ease her worries. M is terrified of seeing a doctor and breaks down into tears. She bleats that Banshee is the only one at the school who understands, or even likes her.

Outside in the Bio-Sphere, Howard the Duck and his girlfriend Beverly Switzler arrive. Franklin, Artie and Leech are thrilled at the notion of having a talking duck to pal around with. Howard has no real interest in hanging out with children, but the kids drag him to their tree-house. Inside they find Tana Nile. Tana is a Rigellian who crash-landed on Earth a short while ago. Leech has been sneaking her food from the school, and thus far nobody but the children are even aware of her presence.

Meanwhile at Bastion Hollow, Bastion and Daria continue to study various mutant dossiers across the country. Daria finds an old picture from Emma Frost's debutante years, and Bastion soon learns that she is now the headmistress of a school. He arranges to learn as much as he can about her Frost and her current activities.


  • This issue takes place in late November, two days before Thanksgiving. It also takes place nearly one full month since issue #22.

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