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Quote1.png I love Christmas Eve. Maybe even more so than Christmas itself. It's the one night of the year when the entire world just...stops. In those few hours before the dawn - human, mutant, everyone, just sort of holds their breath in sweet anticipation...waiting to see how badly they're going to be disappointed in the morning. In its own tragic's kind of romantic. That's why I love Christmas Eve. Quote2.png
Emma Frost

Appearing in "Home for the Holidays"

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Synopsis for "Home for the Holidays"

It is Christmas Eve and the girls of Generation X decide to take a short holiday at Monet's home in Monaco. While there, they each decide to share a story that they have never revealed to anyone before now. Jubilee kicks everything off by detailing the events surrounding the first use of her mutant powers. Her friend Cynthia Jennifer (Cynjen for short) and she were riding their skateboards around the mall when they had a chance encounter with some security guards. They escaped out a back entrance, and Jubilee ran into an alley. As the security guard bore down on her, Jubilee raised her hands in a defensive gesture. Unexpectedly, she released a burst of pyrotechnic plasma.

M is the next in line to share a story. She speaks of growing up in Monaco, and brags of how the manifestation of her mutant powers made her the most popular girl in the land. M's tells her story in an imaginative, fanciful way and her peers doubt the truthfulness of her tale. As she closes her story, she turns and finds her brother, Emplate standing before her. She quickly realizes that Emplate's presence is merely a hologram and that nobody else in the room is even aware of his presence. He speaks at length about his own torturous existence and the fact that his vampiric need for human souls has driven him mad. In a blink of an eye, Emplate disappears and everything returns (seemingly) to normal.

Husk is the next in line. She tells the group about the events surrounding her thirteenth birthday. Paige had always wished that she were born a mutant, and a child she tried everything in her power to manifest some fantastic super ability like her brother, Sam. The entire experience was a matter of trial and error, but before long, she succeeded in literally shedding her own skin. Paige remarks how it was the happiest day of her life.

Emma finally reveals her own tale. She tells the girls that her family sent her away to a special clinic when her mutant telepathy first manifested. The clinic hardly proved fruitful to her however, as the doctors kept her on a strict lithium diet and bound her in a straight jacket. As Emma began to understand the nature of her abilities, it was child’s play for her to mentally manipulate the guards and orderlies to set her free.

Back at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, Mondo walks out into the woods and speaks with a strange shadowy presence. The man in the shadows cautions patience and tells Mondo that the time to strike will be soon.


  • This issue takes place on December 24th.
  • Husk makes reference to a recent argument she had with Chamber. This took place in issue #23.
  • Emma Frost's story may contradict information that is later revealed in her own series.
  • Emplate gives the impressions that M's origin story is largely untruthful.
  • An unidentifiable Guthrie sibling can be seen in a cameo flashback.


  • Emplate's first name is revealed to be Marius in this issue.

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