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Quote1.png Much as I'd like to, I can't stop Paige from goin' out with you. But if you cause her even the slightest discomfort -- well, let's just say my powers have a nasty habit of blowing blokes' faces off. Quote2.png

Appearing in "Secret Identities"

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  • Randall




Synopsis for "Secret Identities"

Colossus of the X-Men guest stars, giving art lessons. The students are more interested in the love life of Paige and Jonothon. Paige is blackmailed into dating another boy, leading Jonothon to try to flirt with other girls. Monet sabotages his efforts by telling them he is covered in pus. Tom Corsi returns as an instructor for the mutants and guide for the Danger Room recently installed by Forge. Artie and Leech received image inducers and pretend to be Spider-Ham and Ducktor Doom, causing Adrienne Frost to think she is losing her mind when she sees them running around outside a window. Paladin is found injured in the woods by Jubilee, who is jogging and thinking of her chances with Synch increasing due to the departure of Gaia.

Solicit Synopsis

  • Beginning a chain of events that will drastically alter the team's dynamic as friends and heroes! They've fought the PHALANX and taken down EMPLATE, but how do the kids of GENERATION X deal with... a blackmailer?!

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