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Survival of the Fittest Part 3

• It’s JUBILEE vs. M-PLATE… vampire vs. vampire!

• Will the GEN X class be able to defeat MONET/EMPLATE and save the school?

• All this, plus: Witness a major milestone for Jubilee!



  • With the exception of recaps and a small cameo in Uncanny X-Men #600, Chamber, Husk, Jubilee and Monet are finally seen together on the same page for the first time since Uncanny X-Men #403.
  • Jubilee and Jono's relationship was a long time coming. The two had met in Generation X #1, released in 1994, but for the duration of the entire volume (75 issues + annuals/specials), they never showed any romantic interest in one another and simply became good friends. In the 2007 series New Warriors (Vol. 4), Kevin Grevioux planned to finally take their relationship further, but the series was canceled before he had the chance.[1] In the alternate universe series X-Men '92 (Vol. 2), it was hinted that the two were attracted to one another, but it wasn't until now that the Prime Universe counterparts finally got together.

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