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Quote1.png Are you friggin' kidding me?! They're running around Central Park? At night?! Don't they know how dangerous that is?! I'm gonna kill 'em! Quote2.png

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Solicit Synopsis

• Taking it upon themselves to catch the assailant who’s been attacking mutants in Central Park, the Xavier Institute’s “Lovable Losers” go on the hunt for the culprit.

• But they aren’t prepared when the trail leads them right to Generation X’s most formidable foe…

• EMPLATE returns!

• Only she isn’t the same monster they once knew…


  • Trevor sees a rat "carrying a human pinky with a ring on it" and Nathaniel sees "one run off with a wallet." Both foreshadow the next issue's plot of animals needing to pay the Rat King in order to stay in Central Park.

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