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Quote1.png The things I admire the most about you now -- your heart, how you never give up even as you fail over and over again -- you came to those things without a you to help you. And I guess, well, I just wanted to to say... thank you. You're a good mentor, Clint, a good friend. Quote2.png
Hawkeye (Kate Bishop)

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Kate Bishop suddenly finds herself on a small jungle island, in the midst of a competition among the deadliest marksmen pulled from various points in space and time. She comes upon a young Clint Barton and they quickly fall into a friendship, though Kate does her best not to betray that she comes from his future, and thus gives her code name as Hawk-ess. Together they defeat several other (anonymous) marksmen by tagging special teleportation belts which sends them back where they came from. Because several of the marksmen are actually villains who have begun killing each other, the two Hawkeyes decide to find the party responsible for the competition, and force them to return everyone home.

They encounter Barton’s mentor Swordsman, whom Hawkeye doesn’t trust. Discovering the unknown string-puller secret lair, they decide to split up, with Kate Bishop infiltrating the hideout while Barton draws fire from the heavy hitters still in the competition. Barton defeats Taskmaster by using his cape against him, while Kate discovers a young woman called Eden inside the lair, whom she saves from an assassination attempt by Crossfire. She learns that Eden is behind the competition alongside Swordsman, who says she has space-time powers and is his new protegee. Then Bullseye attacks them, until Hawkeye arrives to battle him, creating enough distraction for Kate Bishop to shoot his belt with an arrow, teleporting him away.

Eden, realizing that Swordsman has an unhealthy obsession with Hawkeye, feels disappointed by him, and sends him away. She apologizes to the Hawkeyes and teleports away, giving Clint a device to teleport himself away when he’s ready. Kate and Clint climb atop a promontory where she realizes that despite his flaws, he has been a great mentor and she tries to thank him for that, but he has drifted off to sleep during his soliloquy. Just as he wakes up, Kate Bishop is teleported away.

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• Kate Bishop, A.K.A. Hawkeye, finds herself smack-dab in the middle of a battle royal between the world’s most skilled sharpshooters — including an inexplicably young Clint Barton, A.K.A. the OTHER Hawkeye.

• The prize? Bragging rights for being named the best, of course — oh, and you get to stay alive!

• Unfortunately for Clint, several of his competitors are villains he’s taken down, making HIM a primary target.

• So, on top of figuring out where and WHEN she is, Kate’s got to find a way to win this little contest of skills and keep her not-so-old pal Clint out of the crosshairs… easy, peasy.

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