Genesis was the wife of Apocalypse and mother of the First Horsemen.[3]

Genesis wearing the Annihilation mask

Genesis was the wife of Apocalypse and served as a warlord by his side in the ancient mutant land of Okkara. Their children became the First Horsemen. When Okkara was attacked by the Amenthi Daemons, Genesis led the mutants to battle and eventually won. Afterwards, the elder dark god of Amenth, Annihilation, offered a peace treaty to Genesis but only if she would pass a test. Genesis seemed to easily pass the test but the gift Annihilation whispered to Genesis was not revealed. After Genesis’ sister, Isca the Unbeaten betrayed her people by siding with the forces of Amenth, Genesis decided to make the ultimate sacrifice by moving to Amenth with the rest of the mutants and Arakko (one of Okkara’s split half) to hold of the Daemons, while Apocalypse remained on Earth to become stronger in order to eventually reunite with his family.[2]

After being sealed away in Amenth alongside the First Horsemen, Genesis and the other mutants decided to make Arrako their home and build towers to protect them from the threat of the Daemons. She along with the High Council of Arakko ruled over Arakko for centuries, while fending off the Daemons' attacks. However, at some point in time the High Mutant Prophet Idyll foresaw the inevitable defeat of Arakko by the hands of their at told the Council about this. At first Genesis laughed at this claim and threatened Idyll to decapitate him, but then decided to listen to him and she, alongside her army went on a years old crusade to end Arakko's threat for good. Their battles became legends on Arakko and their victories were celebrated. She and her army eventually faced their fellow mutant White Sword, and his One Hundred Champions, who saw Genesis and her army as equal to his enemies and showed them no mercy, forcing Genesis and what was left from her army to retreat to Arakko.[3]

Eventually, Isca send a message to Genesis from Amenth's dark god and leader of the Daemons, Annihilation who challenged her to a combat for the ultimate victory. Genesis accepted the challenge and went to the Hall of Annihilation where Annihilation and her army awaited her. The two fought fiercely, and eventually Genesis defeated the dark god which proved her to be strong enough to wear it.[3] However, she refused to become one with it, leading to the Daemons to imprison her, while they assaulted Arakko. As Genesis was unable to stand the massacre, she finally decided to wear the Golden Helm causing Arakko to defected to the side of Amenth.[6][4]

Annihilation unmasked

After confronting Saturnyne in the Starlight Citadel, Apocalypse would encounter his wife once more, as she revealed herself to be the latest to wear the mask of Annihilation.[1]


Genesis was a mutant more powerful than her husband,[2] with the following powers:

  • Chlorokinesis: She could mentally control all plant life within her vicinity. While using her powers, she manifests the ancient Egyptian emblem known as The Eye of Horus, formed by a green aura, from each of her hands.[2]
  • Advanced Longevity: Like her spouse and children, Genesis is several centuries old and appears to be immortal.[3]


  • Sword Combat: Genesis is skilled in sword combat as she was able to defeat Annihilation.[6]


Golden Helm of Annihilation: Having proven to be strong enough to wear the the Golden Helm of Annihilation she became the new leader of Amenth, but under the possession of Annihilation.[1]

  • Control over Amenth: While wearing the Golden Helm, Genesis was to control the dimension of Amenth.[7]


The Twilight Sword: the sword which belonged to Annihilation, after becoming its latest host Genesis began wielding it.

  • The name Genesis means the origin, start, or point at which something comes into being. The character might be named after the Book of Genesis which tells about the Apocalypse.

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