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Originally a branch of the terrorist organization Hydra, the Genesis Coalition seceded and created their own organization, trying to destroy and replace Hydra as a main criminal cartel. Inheritors of the German Nazi party, the leaders of the Coalition aimed to put the world under the control of the Aryan race. They were opposed by Silver Sable's Wild Pack and Baron Strucker's Hydra. The Genesis Coalition had been the brainchild of Fritz Sablinov, an attempt to sabotage and destroy Hydra from the inside, and then destroy the Coalition itself, but it evolved into a criminal organization beyond his control, especially when Sablinova went crazy and agreed to commit unspeakable crimes while in the Coalition.


Creation and split from Hydra[]

The events that led to the creation of the Genesis Coalition began[7] when the Nazi criminal war Ivan Trefkov,[10][11] pursued after the war[12] by the Wild Pack[13] (a Symkarian[10] military unit[14] of Nazi hunters)[13] shot[13][15][12][10] Pack leader Ernst Sablinova's wife Anastasia[15][10] in a firefight[10][14] and then escaped.[10] Ernst and his daughter Silvija, who joined the Pack, devoted themselves to get even on Trefkov.[10][15] Secretly, Ernst's supposedly missing[10] twin[12] brother Fritz,[10] was his right-hand man in the Pack, posing as Ernst at any time.[7] Although Fritz carried out his job efficiently, he was jealous of Ernst because Ernst, not Fritz, was leading the Pack.[7]

When Trefkov resurfaced in Tokyo,[10] he had joined the neo-Nazi criminal organization Hydra,[10][14][11][16][17] led by Baron Strucker. The Wild Pack went on an operation, arranged by Ernst so that he'd face Trefkov solo to get revenge. However, Silvija, defied Ernst's orders[10] and distracted him at a critical moment, giving Trefkov the opportunity to stab him,[18][10] apparently killing him.[18][14][10][12][15] Trefkov then escaped[10][14] with Ernst's body.[10] Ernst was believed dead,[7] but Trefkov had kept him alive to use him as a living battle computer,[7][12] connecting him to advanced Hydra technology[7] to take advantage of Ernst's tactical genius.[7][14] Ernst tried hard to sabotage this effort by focusing his mind for years on gambits that he knew were destined to fail, so that Hydra would lose the battles in which they trusted him. During his captivity, Ernst was confident that one day his daughter would find him and rescue him.[7] Silvija, believing her father dead due to her emotions clouding her judgment,[14][15] adopted the name "Silver Sable",[14] took command of the Wild Pack, turning it into an elite mercenary corps,[13][14][15] and swore revenge on Trefkov.[15]

After Ernst's funeral, Fritz Sablinov decided to infiltrate Hydra, taking advantage of the fact that her brother's body had not been found[7] and was apparently in Trefkov's hands.[19] Posing as Ernst, Fritz attacked a Hydra outpost, hoping to attract Trefkov's attention, and was captured, then brought before Trefkov, as Fritz himself had anticipated. Trefkov had Fritz tortured for months, without telling him anything about Ernst's body. In his ordeal, Fritz developed an extreme plan to try to destroy Hydra, and presented it to Trefkov: The creation of a faction called Genesis Coalition that would steal assets from Hydra, waiting for the moment to destroy them and take their place,[7] when in reality Fritz's plan was to provoke a civil war[12] that would destroy both organizations.[7][12] Trefkov however was convinced by the plan and supported Fritz,[7] after which Trefkov personally convinced a former faction of Hydra to form the Genesis Coalition.[20] Trefkov intended to use the Coalition to put the world under the control of the Aryan race.[3]

For years, Fritz remained deeply undercover in Hydra[14] and the Genesis Coalition.[13] Within Hydra and the Genesis Coalition, Fritz Sablinov's identity was known,[10] as he was believed to have deserted from the Wild Pack[13] and he was known as one of the founders of the Coalition.[7] Ernst, who had been connected to Hydra's computers, was put under Fritz's vigilance; and Fritz, undercover, ruthlessly used the technology to get access to his brother's skills.[14] Throughout the following years, the Coalition grew to become a very powerful faction of Hydra, far beyond the initial expectations,[7] and Fritz came to neglect his original plan to destroy the Genesis Coalition,[12][7] eventually submitting to his own fake personality as a defector.[7][21]

At a time when Hydra was especially weakened following the death of Strucker, [16][17] the Coalition took advantage to openly secede[1] before Strucker resurrected and reorganized Hydra, opposed by the Genesis Coalition. [16][17] Becoming a Hydra splinter group,[21][14][16][17] the Genesis Coalition was persecuted by Strucker, who branded[1] these defectors[16] [22] as traitors. Making the most of their uniforms, but with different colors, several members of the Coalitions took over a hidden Hydra base in the Laurentian Mountains in Canada.[1] Former Hydra Lieutenant Dmitri Petrovich,[18] who had had a personal relationship with Silver Sable[18][14] and had just blundered a hostage operation for Hydra[18][1] against Sable,[18] defected to the Coalition,[23][22][1] taking some of the most advanced Hydra technology with him.[1] Petrovich became the Coalition's acquisition specialist.[4] Supposedly, Petrovich contacted Leviathan, a smuggler linked to Hydra, so that Leviathan would provide the Coalition with stolen Hydra technology, including weapons; in the process of their business, Leviathan met Trefkov and discovered that some mid-term plans for the Coalition included military attacks on Eastern Europe countries, using the assets that Leviathan had sold them.[20]

A number of Hydra soldiers who had been involved in the hijacking of SHIELD's Helicarrier, and who had not been defeated by SHIELD's Nick Fury and G.W. Bridge, also defected to the Coalition.[1]

Canada base and South America super-soldier operation[]

Enraged at the mutiny, Baron Strucker personally led operations to find and destroy the members of the Coalition, believing that the Coalition were unworthy of surviving. SHIELD director Nick Fury, mistakenly believing that Strucker was still dead, discovered about the Coalition and also started operations to hinder their criminal activities.[1] Simultaneously, Sable hired Paladin to find Petrovich,[24][25][26] not knowing that he had sided with the Coalition,[2] that her personal nemesis Trefkov was one of the leaders,[20] nor that both her supposedly-dead father and her missing uncle were there too.[7]

A large group from the Genesis Coalition, including Fritz Sablinov, Petrovich, Trefkov, and geneticist[2] Dr. Franz Lubischt,[3] established a secret base hidden behind a waterfall[3] in the lush rain forest of South America, with multiple low-level agents and scientists at their command,[2] patrolling the jungles in skycycles. These agents were trained to use weapons and vehicles, and were outfitted with cyanide-filled teeth to commit suicide in case of capture, having made an oath on that sense; however, they were later assessed by Amy Chen of the Wild Pack as ill-prepared and careless.[3] The Genesis Coalition captured humans and animals to subject them to[2] very painful experiments[2][3] led by Lubischt[2] in an attempt to create extraordinarily powerful hybrid super-soldiers, with support from international investors and advanced equipment stolen from Hydra.[2] Trefkov made sure of maintaining Nazi ideology in the Genesis Coalition.[3] Fritz was disgusted at Lubischt taking his subjects to the very verge of death, and tried to reduce their suffering, but Lubischt claimed that it was necessary to learn the limits of his super-soldiers. Fritz also insisted the Coalition take some extra time in their plan, with the excuse of avoiding errors of past would-be conquerors; and mediated in heated arguments between other high-ranking Coalition members to reach compromises while excusing every party's position. Meanwhile, Petrovich was in charge of the base's security.[3]

Dr. Lubischt had read about the archaeologist Malcolm Murphy.[27] When the Coalition learned that Murphy and his crew were searching a tribal burial ground[27][28] in Peru,[28] the Genesis Coalition sent a strike team to assassinate everyone except Murphy, who was to be brought before Lubischt. The operation was a success, and Murphy was captured. Simultaneously, the Genesis Coalition captured a Siberian tiger elsewhere.[27][28] Lubischt, combine Murphy's and the tiger's DNAs and fuse their mind and soul, turning both into a hybrid man-tiger.[27][28] Lubischt then tested the endurance and durability of his new subject using electrical shocks and shackling him to a treadmill,[3][28] dismissing the fact that the hybrid had problems combining memories and the minds of Murphy and the tiger[3][27][28] due to a chemical imbalance.[29] Lubischt carried out experiments on other animals and human natives, obtaining hybrids of human and gorilla, and of human and leopard, with different degrees of success; some of these test subjects were submitted to mind-altering chemicals.[3]

Strucker was still unable to find Trefkov's base,[4] but the mercenary Paladin, hired by Silver Sable and the Wild Pack,[24] found the South American Genesis Coalition base, also discovering the genetic experiments done by Lubischt . Paladin spied on Petrovich and several low-level agents who were trying to find a mutated ape that had escaped to the jungle; but Paladin was detected. Petrovich returned to their base, leaving his minions to try and stop Paladin, but they were overpowered, and Paladin escaped.[2]

Meanwhile, in Chicago, the Super Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. found a number of Genesis Coalition agents engaged in criminal activities; the Genesis Coalition was defeated, but they were killed or committed suicide to avoid capture, thou one of them did reveal to Fury that Baron Strucker had returned from apparent death. Simultaneously, Strucker and his Hydra troops found and attacked the Genesis Coalition base in the Laurentian Mountains, killing every Coalition member there, including several survivors of the Helicarrier hijacking mission. Strucker explicitly targeted Petrovich for several recent insults to Hydra, including but not restricted to his desertion; but Petrovich was in South America.[1]

Paladin reported his discoveries in South America to Sable,[2][14] explicitly mentioning the ancient Nazi geneticists. Finding the target too tempting, Sable interrupted her holiday in Hawaii and accepted the mission even pro bono. At that point, Lubischt had progressed and expected to have the super-soldiers ready in one month time, thou due to pressures from other Coalition members, he agreed to speed it up to two weeks. In the South American jungle, the Pack intercepted several Genesis Coalition patrolling guards and questioned them about where Lubischt was; they initially refused to answer, but one of them revealed the location of the base under duress, tortured by Wild Pack members Amy Chen and aptly-nicknamed Crippler. Sable's plan was to isolate Lubischt, then release the prisoners and destroy the base. They did infiltrate the base, but triggered alarms, prompting Petrovich to activate the defenses. Petrovich went personally to the main lab to protect Lubischt while the Genesis Coalition leaders, including Fritz Sablinov and Trefkov, evacuated. The Wild Pack found several mutated prisoners they released; the Murphy-tiger hybrid, grateful, gave them information on where to find Lubischt (the main lab), and even helped them against more hostile prisoners, such as the gorilla creature that attacked Wild Pack member Powell when the latter mocked him. Paladin and Sable went to the main lab and were ambushed by Lubischt and Petrovich. Lubischt disarmed Paladin lest he used his gun against one of the "pets", then released another gorilla-like creature to keep Paladin busy, while Petrovich fought Sable, allowing Lubischt to escape. However, Sable incapacitated Petrovich quickly and wounded Lubischt . Still refusing to surrender, Lubischt insulted Sable for not killing him immediately and even threatened her.[3] She then shot Lubischt dead.[3][28] Petrovich recovered and tried to attack Sable again, taking the battle to a pool in the jungle; but Sable was a better fighter than he was. Petrovich managed to confuse Sable[3] when he told her that her father was alive;[3][14][15] this allowed him to beat her; still, he chose to escape when Paladin arrived to help Sable,[3] thou by then Sable had suffered several injuries.[10] The Wild Pack released the hybrids that wanted to be released, and prepared the other hybrids to take them to a medical lab in Symkaria, and laid explosives to blow up the South America base, which they apparently did.[3] One of the hybrids they rescued, the Murphy-tiger, eventually joined Sable's operative teams under the codename Man-Eater.[15][28][30][31]

Mediterranean operation, battle of Mount Wundagore and Cyberwar[]

The South American discovery was personally stressful for Sable,[10] prompting her to look for further clues on the Coalition. Discovering that the smuggler Leviathan was providing Petrovich with Hydra technology,[20] she tracked him personally. During this operation, Sable clashed with vigilante the Punisher,[20][14] who wanted to kill Leviathan on sight. This forced Sable to save Leviathan's life so as to question him.[20] Leviathan told Sable about Trefkov being in the Coalition[20][14] and about the Coalition's plans to attack Eastern Europe; but Leviathan did not know anything about the Coalition having her father.[20]

Meanwhile, Petrovich stole a mobile base from Hydra for the Genesis Coalition,[4] and the Coalition bought a shipment of Cyberwarriors, mindless weaponized cyborgs, from Harlan Ryker and his people;[5] Trefkov planned to send the Cyberwarriors on an attack on Wundagore Mountain, in Transia,[4] which they intended to use as the Genesis Coalition headquarters from where they could expand their base, with Trefkov ambitiously considering an invasion to Latveria.[19] Trefkov was also satisfied with the mobile base stolen by Petrovich, which operated on the Mediterranean Sea while they were busy reprogramming the Cyberwarriors.[4]

Sable, collaborating with Deathlok against Harlan Ryker in Paris, discovered that the Genesis Coalition had purchased Cyberwarriors, and decided to focus her efforts on pursuing them,[5] even if the operation was again without paying at a time her income was not too high, and it required her stopping a modeling shoot[4] and vacation with her lover Jacques Girard.[4][14] During the Paris operation, the Wild Pack met the cyborg Siege, one of their allies against the Cyberwarriors.[5]

Discovering that Hydra was transporting the Cyberwarriors on a mobile base through the Mediterranean, Sable recruited oceanographer superhero Stingray to help the Wild Pack infiltrate the Coalition's base.[4] At the same time, Baron Strucker's Hydra also tracked down the Genesis Coalition, finding the stolen base,[4] and then his minion Cassandra[4][32] hired the mercenary group Next Wave to recover the stolen base.[4][33][34][14]

Sable arranged for the Wild Pack to approach the Hydra base in a Stealthcraft; they would be detected and intercepted, the ship destroyed, but that was Sable's plan so that they wouldn't remain in alert. The Pack evacuated the craft to meet with Stingray, board his cloaked submarine and approach the Coalition's base. They were still detected, but not identified; Petrovich sent underwater troops to try and stop them, but the Pack defeated them. Then, Pack member Quentino opened a hole in the hull of the base for them to sneak into.[4]

Simultaneously, Next Wave also entered the base, far less stealthily and with an influx of water, in Sector 96, the same area the Wild Pack had reached. Petrovich reacted by sealing off the affected areas and sending some of the Cyberwarriors there; Trefkov ordered the area to be flooded during the fighting, since this would kill the intruders while the Cyberwarriors, who did not need to breathe, would survive; but at the same time he assigned another group of Cyberwarriors,[4] thirty in total, to the mission of attacking Transia.[19] The Pack and Next Wave worked together against the Cyberwarriors, with Sable disgusted at their undisciplined tactics while she also kept an eye on her men to ensure their safety.[4]

Finally identifying Sable, Fritz Sablinov suggested personally taking care of his niece, and Trefkov did not object, since he did not doubt his colleague's loyalty.[4] However, seeing that there was danger, and although Petrovich insisted that the Cyberwarriors would be enough to end the threat, Petrovich and Trefkov evacuated towards Transia in a mobile battle station. Meanwhile, Fritz Sablinov donned a special combat armor and tried to keep Sable at bay by warning them to not interfere, without revealing his identity; Sable disregarded the warning, focusing on how the Cyberwarriors that the Coalition had sent, and that Quentino had detected. Sable and the Wild Pack escaped the base and boarded another Stealthcraft to follow the Cyberwarriors.[19]

In Transia, however, Siege independently attacked the Genesis Coalition Cyberwarriors[19] (He had been able to pinpoint the threat by intercepting distress calls from the Avengers)[4] and, due to his appearance, everyone initially took him for another Cyberwarrior, granting him the element of surprise. The Cyberwarriors then faced the Knights of Wundagore, defenders of Wundagore, and were unable to gain the advantage. Petrovich and Trefkov retreated, with the latter criticizing the former for yet another failure, but they left the Cyberwarriors to end up the fight. The Wild Pack then arrived to help the Knights against the Cyberwarriors. All Genesis Coalition Cyberwarriors were destroyed on Wundagore by the Knights, the Wild Pack and Siege, with the participation of Next Wave.[19]

While generally disgusted at Next Wave, Sable had been impressed at Next Wave's Fin's strength and powers, and considered recruiting him.[4] She would eventually did so, forming a team of superhuman operatives called the Intruders that also included Man-Eater, Paladin, Sandman,[14][35] and later Lightbright.[7] On the other hand, Strucker was particularly angry at the failure of Next Wave, and decided to punish Cassandra for hiring them.[32]

Petrovich schism, Bosnia operation and defeat[]

The Genesis Coalition settled in an old underground base abandoned by Hydra, and there they set up a plan to cause a war in Bosnia and blame it on Hydra[6] by sending Genesis Coalition agents disguised as Hydra agents to attack the U.S. military. Fritz Sablinov had developed this plan, expecting the world,[7] including SHIELD,[7] to retaliate against Hydra and end that organization, while Hydra would devote their assets to destroy the Genesis Coalition. This strategy would provoke a large-scale war with many collateral casualties. Petrovich[7] and Trefkov both believed that the Genesis Coalition was strong enough to survive and would end up in a privileged position to obtain the spoils of Hydra. However, Trefkov wanted to get rid of any possible impedance during this operation, including Sable and also Petrovich, whose previous blunders had costed much to the Genesis Coalition; also, Trefkov considered Petrovich too incompetent for the authority he had in the Genesis Coalition. Trefkov[6] sent hitman Deadpool after Sable,[6][14] although Fritz convinced him to[7] order Deadpool to capture her alive, claiming that if she died, her Wild Pack would seek revenge and they would have a bigger problem, while if they captured her, they could hold her hostage; Trefkov begrudgingly accepted, although he would have preferred to see Sable dead. Simultaneously, Trefkov had Petrovich arrested at the base, sending him to a cell until they could decide whether it was better to execute him, or hand him over to Strucker as a bargaining chip.[6]

Deadpool barely[6][14] failed to defeat Sable, and, when she offered to pay him, he revealed to her that the Genesis Coalition had hired him.[6]

Additionally, Petrovich escaped thanks to several Genesis Coalition agents being on his side against Trefkov;[9] there was a secret conspiracy of Petrovich-ists within the Genesis Coalition conspiracy itself.[7] Stealing a Hydra Issue Fighter and accompanied by two sympathizers,[9] Petrovich attacked Sable in Symkaria[9][14][13] during a ceremony, in a daring plan doomed to failure: Petrovich planned it so that she would defeat him and then he pretended to be intimidated and agreed to take Sable and her Wild Pack to the Genesis Coalition's secret base where her father was. Petrovich hoped that Sable would kill Trefkov for having attacked and kidnapped Ernst Sablinova; and then Petrovich's followers would kill Sable and his Wild Pack, so that Petrovich could take over the Genesis Coalition. That plan worked, as the Wild Pack downed the fighter in the grounds of the Royal Palace of Symkaria; then Pack members Arnold and Battlestar easily defeated the two-man crew while Sable overpowered Petrovich. Petrovich then guided Sable and the Pack to the Coalition's base, threatening to not only batter him, but also giving him afterward to his torture-enthusiast agent Crippler; but Sable, warily, ordered the Intruders to follow them as soon as they were ready[9] in another Stealthcraft.[7]

At the Genesis Coalition base, Sable divided the Wild Pack in pairs to explore, with her and superpowered Battlestar taking Petrovich as a prisoner. Once there, Fritz appeared in front of them, easily defeating Battlestar and grabbing Petrovich as his own prisoner. He then reminded Sable of his previous warning and revealed his face; Sable initially took him for Ernst,[9] but he immediately told her he was Fritz. He explained how he went undercover in Hydra and the Coalition,[7] becoming one of its leaders.[7][14] The arrival of a platoon of Genesis Coalition soldiers supporting Petrovich, allowed Petrovich to try and escape their captors' grasp; Petrovich intended to use this new information on Fritz's betrayal in his attempt to gain support in the Coalition. However, Battlestar, Fritz and Sable easily defeated the soldiers.[7] Fritz then assassinated Petrovich[7][14] before the latter could insist that Ernst was alive and at the base. Implying that the confusion was due to his own resemblance to Ernst, Fritz falsely told Silver Sable that Trefkov had killed Ernst, and told him that his plan to attack Bosnia was vital to destroying Hydra and the Genesis Coalition; and then he convinced Sable to allow herself to be captured, with the Wild Pack, so that Fritz would take them to Trefkov so he could protect them. Sable was suspicious, but accepted, keeping two secrets: That his enemy and occasional ally the Foreigner was infiltrating the Genesis Coalition base in order to free her, and that she was secretly sending the Intruders to Bosnia to stop the conflict. This intrusion was unforeseen by Fritz, and would spoil all of his strategy, as the Intruders cooperated with the military and Hydra to keep the Coalition at bay.[7]

Sable and the Wild Pack were locked[7][14] on a submarine that Trefkov was using as a base in the Black Sea for the military operation. Trefkov agreed to keep them alive as hostages provisionally and kill them later, but assured Sable that he intended to kill her for all the inconvenience she had caused, and that he regretted not having killed her at the same time as Ernst (Trefkov was also lying, because he knew that Ernst was still alive). Sable told him that SHIELD and Baron Strucker would go after him; but Trefkov told him that he had incorporated them into his plan.[7] Possibly Trefkov even knew that SHIELD had been forbidden to meddle in Bosnian territory due to recent conflicts there, meaning that SHIELD director Fury would challenge the orders, but not with all the assets SHIELD would be able to obtain.[9]

By then, Trefkov's agents had already begun the attack on Bosnia, using the saucer-like devices that Hydra had recently used in Somalia[9] and other devices; Bosnian authorities denied being linked with Hydra, while the international press agency WHSY reported about "what appears to be Hydra stormtroopers" attacking in one of the most devastating onslaughts ever. Soon SHIELD noted that their tactics were too mediocre to be Strucker's men, also seeing that Strucker had nothing to win with that movement. Strucker, for his part, saw the attack not only as a ploy, but also as an insult, and decided to go to Bosnia to combat the Genesis Coalition forces with his agents System Crash, all following Sablinova and Trefkov's plan. Nick Fury moved the Helicarrier to the easter sector of the battlefield and personally led an assault team including Clay Quartermain[7] and recently-de-programmed Jimmy Woo,[36] while a few miles west, Strucker and System Crash teleported to confront the false Hydra agents, much to the confusion of American troops there. Hearing reports, Fury immediately understood the Coalition's plan. The Intruders decided to join the fry in the western front, as SHIELD had the eastern front under control.[7]

Trefkov personally traveled to Bosnia aboard a battlecruiser stolen from Hydra to maintain the deception, with the purpose of using it to destroy Strucker and his people before Strucker could realize that the vehicle was not manned by agents of Hydra. One of Strucker's soldiers pushed him to protect him, and Strucker understood the deception, immediately ordering the cruiser to be destroyed. Sablinova realized the problem and contacted Trefkov to have Trefkov activate the cloaking of the cruiser before Strucker destroyed it.[7] The Intruders joined System Crash[37][28] fighting the Genesis Coalition;[7][38] during this fight, Man-Eater showed his growing ferocity.[28]

Meanwhile, in the submarine, the Foreigner rescued Sable and the Wild Pack,[7][14] and took them to Ernst.[7] Sable rescued her father,[7][12][15][14] who asked Sable to stop mad Fritz,[7] and she quickly developed a plan: Just as Trefkov used technology stolen from Hydra to approach Hydra and attack them by surprise, Sable and the Wild Pack stole one of Trefkov's minisubmarine to reach Trefkov's battlecruiser without being detected. Once on board, while the Wild Pack dealt with the defenses, Sable arrived at the command room[7] and killed him[7][15][14] piercing his belly with his own knife.[7] Fritz Sablinov immediately realized that Trefkov had stopped responding, and teleported to the cruiser's command room, where he confronted Sable, also accusing her of having ruined his plan with the Intruders' intervention in Bosnia. Both Fritz and Sable claimed that Ernst would have been ashamed of the other's actions, Sable arguing that Fritz had sacrificed his principles to an unacceptable degree. When Fritz admitted that he had wanted the command of the Pack, the Foreigner[7] shot Fritz Sablinov dead[7][13] from the back. Sable got enraged at the Foreigner for having killed her relative, as she had intended to apprehend and help him; and the Foreigner replied that Fritz was a bitter, resentful man who cared nothing for her - yet the Foreigner did not fight back or try to stop the attack. While Sable hated the Foreigner, especially after that, she agreed to let him go for his help.[7]

The day ended with the apparent destruction of the Genesis Coalition, although Strucker and Hydra escaped, much to Fury's disappointment. Fury believed that Strucker had only attacked the Coalition because they were hurting his ego by insulting his Hydra.[7]

Ernst recovered with his daughter in Symkaria, admitting that Fritz had used him as a battle computer but Ernst had done his best to sabotage the process by giving the Genesis Coalition only gambits that would lead to defeat.[7] Ernst was happy to know that his daughter had killed Trefkov, and pushed Sable to tell him about it.[39] Although she had managed to avenge her mother,[15] Sable found that her murdering Trefkov had been useless in satisfying her desires[15][39] and had caused her to stoop to his level.[39] Tormented by guilt after that death,[14][40] Sable felt that she could not continue with her field work,[41][15] especially thinking that the act had made her careless,[41][42] and she temporarily abandoned her mercenary work,[14][39][42][43] thus fulfilling her promise to her mother.[40] Sable made peace with herself and resumed command of the Wild Pack shortly after.[44]



The standard uniform of Genesis Coalition agents, which was brownish in color but beyond that very similar to the green-and-yellow Hydra uniform, included high boots, gauntlets and a mask or helmet with a goggle-like mask. Minor agents had their two-figure ID number visible in their cowl.[1] Higher-ranking agents like Dmitri Petrovich and the Coalition leaders did not use the cowls and instead showed their faces.[3] There was not a standard backpack.[1] The standard gear was not good enough to protect against Paladin's Stun Gun.[2] Initially, the Genesis Coalition wore the standard green-and-yellow Hydra uniform,[2] even after Baron Strucker changed the main Hydra uniform to red-and-brown, precisely to identify defectors and schisms.[23][22]

Low-level agents were outfitted with a cyanide-filled tooth that they could use to commit suicide in case of capture, so as to not reveal confidential information. These agents made an oath about how they were ready to die for the Coalition and were trained to withstand torture to some degree.[3]

The Coalition also had underwater soldiers, trained to fight under the sea wearing specific sealed suits with oxygen and using weapons, including edged and shooting ones.[4]


The standard uniform of Genesis Coalition agents included a knife, apparently hidden in the gauntlet, and a handgun with a holster on the leg.[1] Some agents used two-hand fireweapons.[2] Tranquilizer guns were used to capture living prey, including animals.[27]


The Genesis Coalition used several high-tech technology vehicles, mostly stolen from Hydra, include a flying battlecruiser, a submarine that could release mini-subs with flight capabilities,[7] and a fighter with weapons.[9] Lower-level patrols had one- or two-man crewed Skycycles to patrol the jungles in their South American base.[3] For missions in American soil, they had helicopters available.[1]


  • Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z #10 (Sandman's profile) say that "When Hydra splinter group the Genesis Coalition captured (Silver) Sable, (William) Baker once more defied orders and sent the Intruders in to rescue her, fighting alongside Hydra's System Crash in the process." However, the events in Silver Sable and the Wild Pack #25 show Sandman obeying Sable's orders instead of trying to rescue her - thou the Intruders did fight alongside System Crash, only in Bosnia and not to rescue Sable. This article assumes the line in Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z #10 is a mistake.


  • The Foreigner infiltrated in the Genesis Coalition as "agent #16", but this was merely a ruse and he never joined them.[7]
  • Both Crippler[45] and Siege count the Genesis Coalition among their major enemies after fighting them in the Cyberwar.[46]

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